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‘Foreign Policy Expert’ Biden Barbecues As Hamas Turns Israel Into A War Zone

President Joe Biden in black and white
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Legacy media told Americans that Biden would bring peace. Instead, he BBQs in the face of another war he exacerbated.


President Joe Biden was once hailed by corporate media and Democrats as a bringer of peace and facilitator of stability, but his manufactured reputation for being a so-called foreign policy expert was further tainted this weekend after Hamas terrorists killed hundreds of people in Israel, including several U.S. citizens

While Israeli women and children were raped and dragged into Gaza as hostages, Biden was caught barbecuing and partying in the White House Rose Garden. On Monday morning, as Israel’s retaliatory bombs fell on Gaza, the White House called a lid before noon before reappearing to chastise Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel.

The man the media claimed was known for his “Strategic Empathy” in handling world affairs was suddenly silent about the biggest terrorist attack on Israel, a U.S. ally, in history.

The Smartest Man in the Room

As early as 1987, Biden asserted that he “kn[e]w more about the issues,” specifically foreign policy, than Gary Hart, his rival for the Democratic nomination for president. In the same campaign, Biden, who was a senator at the time, proudly boasted to one New Hampshire voter that “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect.” During his 2008 presidential campaign, Biden bragged that “I know more about foreign policy than any of the other candidates in the race.”

Biden never abandoned his egotistical and rash approach to world affairs. By the time the Democrat was considering tossing his hat in the 2020 presidential ring, corporate media outlets like Politico were amplifying global calls for him to run.

“World leaders tell Biden: We need you,” Politico wrote after the Munich Security Conference in March 2019.

When Biden was campaigning for president in 2020, his deluded sense of self-expertise was further egged on by the press and “foreign policy officials” who defended Biden as an international relations expert.

Vox called Biden’s foreign policy track record both “a weakness and a strength” but hinted that his approach to world affairs was far more welcome than former President Donald Trump’s.

The New York Times editorial board came out even stronger for Biden by claiming in its endorsement that Biden “has an unusually rich grasp of and experience in foreign policy.”

“The next president will face the task of repairing the enormous damage inflicted on America’s global reputation,” the board added.

Biden even penned a column in Foreign Affairs in early 2020 arguing that American foreign policy post-Trump needed “rescuing.”

Once Biden was elected, the NYT was one of many outlets cheering on Biden’s plan to “End” Trump’s “America First” approach to foreign policy and “Re-engage With the World.”

War And Peace

Nearly three years into the Biden administration, the world that was largely at peace a few years ago finds no solace in the “grown-ups are back in charge” rhetoric touted by Biden and regurgitated by the propaganda press.

During the Trump years, sanctions on Hamas-sympathizing nations like Iran “separated the terror state from its money.”

Biden, however, kicked off his term with a sharp pivot back to the Obama-era of world chaos and funneling billions of dollars to a Hamas-sympathetic regime. He attempted to ignore and even abandon Trump’s Abraham Accords in favor of helping Iran dominate the region, which only emboldened bad actors.

Since then, Biden’s White House tenure has yielded nothing but a litany of foreign policy failures, including the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

Shortly before Biden abandoned billions of dollars worth of weapons to the Taliban, Foreign Policy analysts suggested that the president “Gets High Marks for Foreign Policy.” Mere days after 13 U.S. service members were murdered outside of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, Biden’s approval rating plummeted. Yet, the corporate media continued to cover for him.

Despite Americans’ ill feelings towards funding the war in Eastern Europe, Biden signed onto the uniparty’s plan to indefinitely send U.S. tax dollars to Ukraine.

Trump recently warned that the resurrection of Obama’s Middle East meddling would “be immediately used to start violence, bloodshed, and mayhem.” The Biden administration and the Iranian spy ring it employed did not take heed.

Thanks to Biden’s return to Obama-era foreign policy, the U.S. is weaker, a fact even the propagandists at NYT admit.

Not only is our nation not healed and unified as so many, including Biden, promised, but the world faces an increasing threat of nuclear war with every new conflict.

Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned in late 2022, at the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, that he no longer believed that the chance of global nuclear war was zero.

Hamas’ attack and Israel’s defense is just another face-off that adds risk to the warring world under Biden.

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