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NPR Moves Its Goal Posts On Senility From Trashing Trump’s Age To Defending Biden’s Decline

NPR tried to reassure Americans that Biden using the short stairs to board Air Force One is a normal precaution to avoid ‘bad optics.’


President Joe Biden is in severe decline, evidenced by his numerous public falls and repeated inability to coherently communicate.

The Democrat’s public displays of clumsiness have left the White House scrambling to cover up his physical and mental incompetencies. Corporate media like NPR, which is known for giving its preferred political candidate a boost in the 2020 election cycle, are all too happy to join in the fun just in time for the 2024 election cycle.

An article from NPR published on Thursday attempted to explain Biden’s permanent switch from the 18-foot staircase traditionally used by presidents boarding Air Force One to a smaller set of steps. The outlet noticed the change began around the same time Biden fell during his commencement speech at the Air Force Academy in June.

NPR tried to reassure Americans that their commander in chief, who has suffered several notable spills in recent months, forgets certain people have died, and speaks in lies sprinkled with gibberish, is just taking normal precautions to avoid “bad optics.”

“Using the safer stairs is common sense, says an aging expert,” one of the article’s subheads suggested.

The publication conceded that “recent presidents mostly used the tall stairs” to enter the iconic aircraft but defended short stairs for Biden as a procedural decision that benefits everyone and should alarm no one.

“When Biden is asked about his age, he often says, ‘Watch me.'” Last week, while he was on vacation, he twice went to pilates and spin classes at a fitness studio called Pelodog. And then he boarded Air Force One to return to Washington, using the short stairs,” NPR states.

The author even quoted Obama adviser David Axelrod, who said he “isn’t convinced voters will care about this,” in an attempt to beef up its case for Biden.

“You don’t measure presidents by their ability to navigate steps,” Axelrod declared. “You elect presidents based on their ability to navigate problems.”

Americans aren’t buying it. An Associated Press poll conducted in early August found that 69 percent of Democrats and 89 percent of Republicans believe Biden’s age is affecting his ability to govern. Overall, 77 percent of American adults asserted that the current president is too old to be effective for four more years.”

Biden’s White House doesn’t even buy Axelrod’s hogwash which is why, after Americans circulated memes poking fun at the president’s propensity for plunging shortly into his term, the executive branch blamed the collapse on the wind.

Speaking of wind, NPR also tried to reduce the stigma about Biden’s short stair stint by noting that Trump also used them, allegedly because “his hair would get messed up” on the big steps.

This isn’t the first time NPR or a corporate media outlet defended Biden’s clear decline. Even before he was president, the propaganda press went to bat for Biden’s blunders.

“‘Details Are Irrelevant’: Biden Says Verbal Slip-Ups Don’t Undermine His Judgment,” a 2017 NPR article headline states.

Thus lies the double standard long held by corporate media on age and mental and physical deficiency in presidents.

Shortly before that, in February 2017, NPR suggested Trump should undergo cognitive testing because Alzheimer’s runs in his family.

“At 70, Trump is the oldest American president to ever take office. Couple his age with a family history of dementia — his father Fred developed Alzheimer’s disease in his 80s — and one could argue that the question of baseline cognitive testing for the U.S. head of state has taken on new relevance,” the article’s author wrote.

The trend of trashing Trump over his age and physical and mental state continued well into his presidency despite the fact that he had not experienced any significant public displays of ineptitude. NPR was one of the outlets that gleefully reported that Yale psychiatry professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee briefed some members of Congress about Trump’s “mental fitness for office, pointing to his unpredictable Twitter feed, among other indicators.”

Even though he slurred and stumbled his way into the White House, corporate media took Biden’s promise that he was receiving consistent cognitive decline testing as fact. When Biden refused to take a cognitive test on the 2020 campaign trail, the press hardly uttered a word. One ABC reporter went so far as to claim that criticism aimed at Biden’s decline is Russian propaganda.

Trump, on the other hand, faced questions and doubts from corporate media outlets like NPR when he declared in 2020 that he “aced” his most recent cognitive test. Their speculation on Trump’s competency fueled Democrat-led discussions on using the 25th Amendment to force a transfer of power if Trump died or was ever deemed incapacitated.

Trump was never the mental and physical liability NPR and other outlets tried to lead Americans to believe. Biden, whom media like NPR bend over backward to vindicate, is a liability. Biden’s mental and physical decline has already threatened national security.

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