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NYT Reports On Bombshell Evidence Of Biden Influence-Peddling Scheme By Denying It Exists

President Joe Biden arrives at White House
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There is certainly plenty of evidence linking the president to his family’s international influence-peddling scheme.


The same corporate media outlet that spent years asserting that Trump tried to leverage foreign aid for political favors despite a lack of evidence declared President Joe Biden not guilty of using his decades-long involvement in some of the highest levels of the U.S. government to enrich his family.

“House Republican Report Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by President Biden,” one factually inaccurate New York Times headline blared following a House Oversight Committee press conference on Wednesday.

It’s true that the House Oversight Committee has not yet uncovered proof directly linking the president to the alleged foreign business deals, but there is certainly plenty of evidence.

The NYT asserts, using a carbon copy headline of its previous coverage of Biden family corruption, that Biden is completely off the hook for any corruption allegations. If anything, Republicans’ latest findings say Biden is likely guilty, at least by association.

There’s no disputing that at least nine members of the Biden family received at least $10 million worth of diluted payments from foreign companies during and after the president’s time in the Obama White House. Bank records, verifiable evidence by any standard, show these transactions were diced up and transferred to a spread of Biden bank accounts within weeks of significant political action by the then-vice president in the country of the transactions’ origins.

Unlike the NYT’s favorite punching bag — former President Donald Trump and his family — the Bidens have no clear business aside from decades-long involvement in some of the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Biden’s grandkids, nieces, nephews, and ex-daughter-in-law who are all on the receiving end of funds from foreign nationals have no formal experience or education that would qualify them to receive payments from foreign energy companies or “legal fees.” Yet, the Biden bloodline and their lovers still spent decades getting rich on money from people associated with some of the United States’ biggest foreign adversaries.

Instead of calling out that suspicious activity for what it is, the NYT demands that American voters like you and me write off the long list of evidence pointing to an international influence-peddling operation led by the Biden family.

“After months of investigation and many public accusations of corruption against Mr. Biden and his family, the first report of the premier House G.O.P. inquiry showed no proof of such misconduct,” the NYT alleged, before quoting denials from Hunter Biden’s lawyer.

A Lie for a Lie

The NYT agrees with Republicans that Biden “made several false or misleading statements” about his family’s transactions with foreign nationals, including those linked to the Chinese Communist Party, including during the Oct. 2020 presidential debate. The outlet, however, couches that concession with the word of Biden’s team.

“Aides to Mr. Biden said he was speaking colloquially and was pushing back generally on claims that his administration had been corrupted by Chinese money,” the article asserts.

Including the White House’s denial was a deliberate choice but not a wise one, considering the fact that Biden has repeated these types of lies since at least 2019 without any scrutiny from the press, including the NYT.

There’s little doubt Biden knew about at least some of his family’s dealings because he was all too happy to host the people involved. Visitor logs show that Hunter Biden’s associates visited the White House more than 80 times while the elder Biden was vice president. During some of these meetings, several of Hunter’s closest assistants and business partners met with Biden and Biden aides and even attended VP briefings. Vice President Biden also welcomed Hunter on several official trips on Air Force Two, which Hunter appeared to use to secure deals that would enrich his family.

Despite clear evidence that Biden was involved in the facilitation of his son’s “unflattering” wheeling and dealing, media like the NYT continue to defend him.

Taking a Page from the Ol’ Propaganda Press Playbook

Biden’s falsehoods about his family’s cozy relationships with foreign oligarchs should be incriminating enough for even the least curious media outlets to criticize him. Instead, the NYT pretended that Republicans’ evidence “suggesting that President Biden and his allies had at times made misleading statements in their efforts to push back aggressively against accusations of wrongdoing by Hunter Biden” was far-fetched.

It’s clear from their treatment of the president’s incessant lying, especially about the Biden family business, that corporate media like the NYT wouldn’t acknowledge evidence of the president’s corruption even if it was right under their noses. Which is exactly what is happening right now.

“No evidence of wrongdoing” was the corporate media’s favored narrative from the moment House Republicans officially launched an investigation into Biden’s corruption. For months now, propaganda press outlets tried to distract from the Biden family’s scandals by conflating that corruption with the Trump family’s conduct.

That ruse continued on Wednesday when networks such as MSNBC and CNN reportedly blacked out livestream coverage of the Oversight Committee’s latest Biden corruption update.

Despite the pushback from the media and their allies in the White House, Republicans continue to make significant headway in the investigation. Their findings thus far should spark at least some curiosity from the most complacent of corporate columnists. Instead, media like the NYT are all too happy to turn a blind eye to the threat Biden’s rule is to the nation.

After all, their preferred candidate is officially in the running to keep the White House, so accurately admitting that he is implicated in an international influence-peddling scheme would likely disqualify him from the presidency for millions of voters.

The corporate media’s silence followed by their repeated insistence that Hunter’s laptop was disinformation, a lie created and spread by the Biden campaign and the CIA, successfully kept voters in the dark about the web of Biden’s corruption before the 2020 election. Why wouldn’t it work now?

Anyone with a brain can see that if nine Biden family members received money from foreign companies for doing nothing of value other than selling political favors, then the president is at least fair game for investigation and likely automatically implicated. Unfortunately, the corporate media complex ruling news pages and TV channels is so corrupt that it will continue to ignore the grave danger the first family and their patriarch pose to U.S. national security.

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