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New York Governor Celebrates New $35 Million Abortion Pill Pipeline For College Women

I cried for the many women who have suffered because of abortion, which all too often is not presented to them in truth before their decision.


On May 2, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul held a press conference, gleefully celebrating signing into law two abortion bills. One increases the ease of getting chemical abortions in New York for residents and out-of-state visitors, and the other ensures every student in a state-run university will be able to easily obtain chemical abortions on campus.

While her female supporters cheered, I cried. I cried because I know personally what it is like to live with having seen the body of my aborted baby. And I am not alone. Countless others will experience this too as a result of this legislation.

Thousands of women I have worked with over the past 25 years have suffered because of abortion, which all too often is not presented to them truthfully before their decision. They wrongly believe the lie that “life will go back to normal.” A woman I know is right now experiencing suicidal ideation because she still cannot believe she took the life of her baby.

Other women are pressured by boyfriends, husbands, and even parents to abort their unborn children only to deeply regret it and grow angry at themselves for not being stronger and standing up to them. Some women are left unable to have other children.

And although for decades we have been told abortion is a decision to be made between a woman and her doctor, doctors are suddenly no longer deemed necessary. Women are left to abort at home, facing any complications that arise alone.

Hochul Is Wrong

Hochul would have us believe she is a hero, “proud” to “protect and expand” abortions. But abortion isn’t “reproductive health.” It’s the intentional killing of vulnerable human life in the womb. Hochul and those who support this legislation are no heroes!

But New York can never really be a safe harbor for those “in need of care,” because abortion is not safe — never for the baby and countless times not for the mother as well.

One only needs to do an honest, thorough search to find the deaths of women across the country because of these abortions, but somehow these women never make it into Hochul’s narrative “for those in need of care.” She instead is intent on forcing taxpayers, in a state already in financial trouble, to promote abortions by allotting $35 million to providers and forcing insurance companies to cover abortions. She gives no thought to the trauma those who have suffered from abortion feel when their tax money goes to the killing of the unborn.

Hochul boasts about seeking to pass the Equal Rights Amendment to “enshrine” abortion in the state of New York, bragging that it will be a model for other states — as if killing the most unborn babies is something to boast about.

She says 81 percent of college students care about the ease of getting an abortion in choosing a college. Yet instead of being appalled that this is such a priority in choosing an education path and addressing that problem, she proudly proclaims New York would help them access their darkest desires.

As she stockpiles enough misoprostol to abort 150,000 unborn babies over the next five years, she does absolutely nothing to assist the countless women harmed by the action she seeks to enshrine, nor to provide for those college women who want to keep their children while continuing their education.

A Traumatized Nation

As director of a ministry for those suffering from abortion for more than 20 years here in the state of New York, where Hochul professes to be “fighting back” for women, I have seen thousands of women who learned way too late the harm abortion causes.

This legislation will leave us a nation with even more people wounded than the 63 million abortions our country has already left us with. It will seep deeper into all aspects of our society as more and more women, men, and siblings are physically and emotionally harmed as a result of abortion.

Hochul and others chose to ignore this aspect. She calls other people extremists yet is blind to her own extreme actions. Pro-abortion leftists do all they can within their power to silence the voices of those of us who have been there, because it does not fit into their extreme abortion agenda.

How many women will see their own babies lifeless in their toilets? How many of those college girls who take her up on her offer will be unable to complete college because of depression, anxiety, and an inability to handle what they have experienced through these abortions? How many thousands of unborn children will be flushed with no care nor regard for a “woman and her doctor”?

No, Hochul, your legislation is not something to be proud of; it is something to be ashamed of. It does not truly care for women. It cares for abortion and it is self-centered. In the end, it will lead to the destruction of New York and make it impossible to ignore the bloody truth of what abortion is and does.

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