Theresa Bonopartis
Theresa Bonopartis
I’ve Had An Abortion, And That’s Why I Know Congress Needs To Stop Them

My son was not 20 weeks like the unborn children this act seeks to protect, but I am certain that he suffered greatly as he burned to death from saline solution.

What People Pressuring Moms To Abort For Medical Reasons Don’t Tell Them

Real compassion means supporting parents who make the difficult decision to accept their babies as they are, and to love them when they’re born.

10 Reasons Congress Should Defund Planned Parenthood, From Women Who Have Been There

While the abortion giant claims to have women’s best interests at heart, countless numbers of us who have suffered the adverse effects of abortion know that’s anything but true.

Stop Telling Post-Abortive Women We Need To Shut Up About Our Pain

You are not crazy, nor are you alone. There are tons of us out here who have felt the same way you do. This is the opposite of what the pro-abortion lobby will tell you, but it’s true.

Hillary Needs To Meet More Women Who Have Had Late-Term Abortions

Many of the suffering sat on their couches during the presidential debate waiting for a word spoken to them. Sadly, not one was heard.