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No, Life Doesn’t Go ‘Back To Normal’ After An Abortion

Our society has gone way past the ‘safe and rare’ sold us when abortion was legalized. We have come to a place of abortion any time, for any reason.


On July 10, I dragged myself out of bed and took the ride to Brooklyn to participate with others at St. Paul’s Church for Mass and a procession to a Planned Parenthood facility to pray that moms would change their minds and babies would not die.

As someone coerced into an abortion as a teen, I know all too well the repercussions of abortion. I also know countless numbers of women believe that if they terminate an unplanned pregnancy, life will return to the way it was before the pregnancy.

Because of this knowledge, I brought a sign I had made as an effort to get those entering the abortion facility to know that just is not true, and to offer concrete help. It says: “I had an abortion. Life does not go back to normal. Save your baby and yourself! Call 800-723-8331.”

As Mass was about to end that morning, we could hear the chants outside by the radical group NYC for Abortion Rights. They were determined to block our path to the abortion center while hurling chants our way.

Thanks to the presence of the police, who formed a line to separate us, we were shielded from them screaming in our faces, as they tried to drown out our prayer and disrupt the vigil. The thing that struck me most was the irony of what they shouted, and their ignorance to the reality of abortion.

“Abortion saves lives”—whose, exactly? “God loves abortion”—which god is this?

The protesters screamed such slogans while wearing shirts that read “Abortion is freedom” (they obviously have not spoken to too many women who have had one) and trying to prevent us from getting to the abortion facility to pray. It took us two hours to walk seven blocks. Just who is harassing who?

As I looked at the many young faces, it struck me how ignorant they were and how they have grown up in abortion culture. They probably have never been shown or told the truth of the destruction of abortion, not only in the death of the baby but of the mother, father, and countless others who are injured. It was obvious they bought into pro-abortion rhetoric and the lies of the industry.

I didn’t feel mad, I felt really sad for them and incredibly grateful to God that I had experienced His mercy. It’s a mercy I know is waiting for each of them if they want it.

Our society has gone way past the “safe and rare” sold us when abortion was legalized. We have come to a place of abortion any time, for any reason.

We now use these poor babies for experimentation, and no one blinks an eye. They are sold on the market, and the silence from so-called leaders and even citizens is deafening.

Just last week, the body of a baby was found in the trash at an Ohio abortion center, and two abortionists from New Mexico were caught experimenting on women who came to their facilities. When will it end? What will be too much? How did we get here?

Towards the end of the day as we were in front of Planned Parenthood, I happened to drop my sign. One of the young women with the pro-abortion group picked it up and would not give it back to me. Instead, she got a magic marker and wrote on the opposite side “God loves abortion.” A police officer saw and made her return it to me.

I could not help but think how her actions proved how true my sign really was. This was not normal behavior.

After an abortion, life does not go “back to normal.” You either live in denial, or become pro-life. I know for sure God does not love abortion, but despite this woman mocking God and being so intent on glorifying abortion, He loves her.