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Americans Gather For National Day Of Mourning Saturday Over New York Infanticide Law

This coming Saturday, you just may see many women and men across the country wearing black. We’re remembering the lives lost by abortion.


This coming Saturday, you just may see many women and men across the country wearing black. You also may find some businesses closed and others not so crowded. These are direct results of the call-in opposition to New York’s Reproductive Health Act.

On February 23, a national day of mourning has been declared in opposition to the extreme legislation that now allows abortion up to the moment of birth, as well as stripping protections for those babies born alive as a result of the procedure or killed in the womb as a result of a violent act.

The main event of the national day of mourning will take place in the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany, New York, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., but many other events are being held throughout the nation in an effort to stir the hearts of America in opposition to this extreme legislation, and to make reparation to God through prayer and fasting.

The organizers of the event have called for people to wear black, refrain from shopping, and close their businesses.

“We invite you,” the official site says,” to gather, worship, and pray with us February 23rd. Right underneath the statehouse of New York, where the gruesome infanticide law was signed and celebrated, we will give the preborn the solidarity they deserve. This will be a time of mourning and repentance on behalf of our nation’s sins. Wear black and bring as many people as you can.”

In the past few weeks, we would be hard-pressed to think of a day where abortion was not front and center in the news. While it is great to see this event taking place, we also need to keep in mind another group of people. The reality is, with 60 million abortions in our country since the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973, countless numbers of women are suffering, often in silence with no one else even knowing about their abortion.

For many, this time triggers deep trauma. Feelings of shame, guilt, and regret are often overwhelming as they face the realization of what they have done. Many were not told the truth of the development of their child or the procedure. And legislation to ensure the choice to see a sonogram before aborting, a choice they certainly should have, is still being fought by many pro-abortion groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood. So much for trusting women.

As we expose the truth of the horror of abortion, we also need to offer compassion to those who have been there by providing the necessary help to heal. There is no doubt abortion has affected our society on countless levels, not to mention individually, and in relationships and families. We are a nation in need of healing.

Countless numbers of people chose to terminate a pregnancy under difficult circumstances. Although abortion is never the answer, we need to let them know hope and healing is available for those living in that pain.

Abortion is a lifelong decision, something that will be carried in this life by the mere realization of the absence of someone who should have been. The lies and deceit of the abortion movement have made what they portray as a solution a living hell for millions of women and men. Thankfully, many resources are now available for those seeking help, and many women and men have walked through that healing and are ready to assist those who come forward.

For many women and men, a day does not go by when they do not think of the child they aborted. The thought of their child is deeply etched into their memory, and will be for the rest of their lives. Let us not only mourn the unborn but these mothers and fathers as well, because the truth is, for millions of Americans every day is a day of mourning.