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Legacy Media Back Transgender Mob’s Attack On Montana’s Capitol

The legacy media have failed to hold Rep. Zooey Zephyr accountable for the bigoted attack against lawmakers of faith in the Montana Capitol.


Montana is known as the “Last Best Place.” When you float the river, hike the mountains, or ride horseback on the open prairie, you can feel it. You can even feel it when you enter the Montana Capitol in the early morning hours before it is abuzz with the legislative session.

Some of the great things about the Montana Capitol are the openness of the building and the historic artwork and sculptures inside. Once that light turns from green to red on the door lock, anybody can just walk right in and practically have the building to himself: no security checkpoints to pass through, nobody looking over your shoulder. All this, despite the millions of dollars’ worth of Charlie Russell artwork inside the building. This is Montana.  

Is that now at risk, following the Apr. 24 attack on the Capitol? It’s been nearly one week since the “transurrection,” when a mob of left-wing activists stormed the Montana House of Representatives before seven radical transgender activists were arrested. A transgender-identified lawmaker, Rep. Zooey Zephyr, from the leftist enclave of Missoula, Montana, has now been barred from the floor of the House for cheering on the mob that attacked the Capitol. Zephyr has since filed suit to have floor privileges reinstated.

What Happened?  

Darin Gaub is a conservative activist with a group called Restore Liberty. He’s also a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel. He was sitting inside the House gallery when the mob antics erupted. Not only was the mob pounding on the antique House chamber doors, but they were also throwing things at lawmakers on the floor, yelling obscenities, and getting physical with law enforcement. Gaub assured me in a radio interview that this was not a peaceful crowd of activists.

We learned from other news reports that George Soros-backed groups like Forward Montana and the American Civil Liberties Union coordinated Monday’s rally. They also bragged about having money for legal fees already in hand shortly after the arrests took place.

Was This a Premeditated Attack?

Was this a premeditated, coordinated attack on our Montana Capitol? Montana Speaker of the House Matt Regier, R-Kalispell, informed me that the sergeant-at-arms office does a great job of coordinating with local law enforcement. Law enforcement had gathered open-source intelligence that led them to believe the rally planned on the steps of the Capitol would eventually get out of hand. The Montana Highway Patrol, the Helena Police Department, and the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office Civil Disobedience Team were all ready to quickly stop the mob action.

Thanks to law enforcement and legislative leadership, Monday’s attack didn’t spiral further out of control. Nonetheless, the left and the media mob continue to distort the facts of what really happened, and why the transgender lawmaker from Missoula was disciplined by a 68-32 vote of the full chamber.

What Started the Protests?

Zephyr is the state’s first transgender-identifying lawmaker to serve in the legislature. Zephyr is a man who purports to be a woman and went through the full-blown surgery to transition last year. The week prior to the Capitol protest, Zephyr was speaking in opposition to a bill that would protect kids from transgender surgeries and life-altering drugs (the bill would not bar adults from such procedures and chemicals). Other types of “gender-affirming care” — if that’s what you want to call it — would still be allowed.

Zephyr told fellow lawmakers that when they bow their heads for the invocation, he hopes they see “blood on their hands.” The liberal media mob, led by the Associated Press, continues to suggest that Zephyr was then silenced by the Montana speaker of the House for using the “blood on their hands” reference. The reality ignored by most in the media is that Zephyr used a bigoted attack targeting lawmakers of faith and violated House rules. Zephyr refused to apologize for breaking those House rules and move on.

A question that begs to be answered is: Who is Zooey Zephyr? And why does no one in the legacy media seem to have the slightest journalistic curiosity to ask that question? 

Who is Zooey Zephyr?

Jeremy Carl is a senior fellow with the Claremont Institute who lives in Bozeman, Montana. He did a fascinating deep-dive attempting to answer that question. He reports Zephyr’s birth name as Zachary Raasch.

Carl made a great point about the rhetoric Zephyr continues to use in the debate over transgender procedures targeting kids. Zephyr and radical transgender activists make the false claim that if you don’t transition the kids — if you don’t allow them to chop off their body parts and take life-altering drugs — they are going to commit suicide.

As Carl points out:

Raasch’s own tantrum on the Montana House floor directly contradicts the professional advice of a host of organizations that Raasch supports, including GLAAD, the National LGBTQ Task Force, the Trevor Project, and the Transgender Law Center. These organizations stress that you should not “Say that a specific anti-LGBT law or policy will ‘cause’ suicide … Linking suicide directly to external factors like … Anti-LGBT laws can normalize suicide by suggesting that it is a natural reaction to such experiences or laws.”

Left Attacks Montana Women

If you didn’t think journalism was dead before last Monday, you’d think so now. Just watching the entirety of the legacy media, even the Montana media (sadly), report on the Zephyr saga shows that reporters aren’t allowed to be journalists anymore. Instead of holding Zephyr accountable for the bigoted attack against lawmakers of faith, they’re trying to roast members of the Montana Freedom Caucus for the made-up thought crime of “misgendering” someone.

Given the legacy media’s insistence to constantly shove the she/her pronouns down everybody’s throats, I can tell it is definitely not sitting well with Montana women. Desperate not to offend a man from Missoula, they’ve offended women from all across Montana. One ranch mom from northeastern Montana remarked on the fact that Zephyr just got the vaginoplasty surgery done last year. She said she has ketchup bottles in her fridge that have been around longer than Zephyr’s you-know-what. But now Zephyr pretends to be an expert on what it means to be a woman?   

Dems: Don’t Call It an Insurrection!

The Democrats and the media are now lecturing us: Don’t call it an insurrection! The same people that downplayed the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots all across America are the same people that are downplaying this attack on our Montana Capitol.

I will give them credit on one talking point, though: They say this was not as bad as Jan. 6, 2021, and they’re right. Thanks to Montana Republican House leadership and local law enforcement, they made sure extra security was in place on Apr. 24. They heeded the intelligence, took action, and kept a bad situation from escalating out of control. Imagine if D.C. and House Democrat leaders in Washington had taken the same actions.

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