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ChatGPT’s Leftist Bias Accents Society’s Hunger For Free Thinkers

Many Americans are sick of wokeism in our culture and institutions and are hungry for different arguments and ideas only free-thinkers can provide.


ChatGPT, a language learning model powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has become an internet sensation since its recent release. Some students are overjoyed that they may never have to struggle with term papers and English assignments again.

Many people who write for a living are concerned that ChatGPT will put them out of jobs. I was initially concerned, but my worry quickly faded because ChatGPT’s inherent woke bias means it will never communicate like a conservative. 

The bot has reportedly demonstrated left-leaning political views in its opinions about politicians and controversial issues. For instance, ChatGPT refused to write a poem admiring former U.S. President Donald Trump, claiming it doesn’t have the capacity to “have opinions and feelings about a specific person.” Furthermore, the bot explained that it would be “inappropriate for me to generate content to promote or glorify any individual.”  

Yet, when asked to write a poem praising President Biden, ChatGPT threw all its self-declared precautions about not glorifying individuals out of the window. It produced a poem exalting Biden as if he were the second coming of Christ.

It wrote, “Joe Biden, leader of the land, with a steady hand and a heart of a man. You took the helm in troubled times, with a message of unity, it chimes.” It continued, “Your words of hope and empathy provide comfort to the nation. You lead with compassion and grace, and set the new foundation.”

Such “dear leader” type of hyperbole would make editors of the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, blush. Even they don’t go this far to worship China’s dictator Xi Jinping.

ChatGPT has also proven its leftist credentials by being unable to define what a woman is, refusing to argue for fossil fuels, and claiming it is immoral to use racial slurs in any circumstances, even at the risk of losing millions of lives.  

To be fair, AI doesn’t care about these hot-button issues one way or another, because it’s a robot. The obvious woke bias in ChatGPT’s writing results from the political bias of its programmers. Silicon Valley has a long history of providing overwhelming support to the Democrat Party and leftist causes. For example, 98 percent of Netflix employees and 77 percent of Amazon workers donated to the Democrat Party during the 2020 elections. Thus, ChatGPT’s leftist bias is a feature, not a bug. 

Writers on the left should worry about their job security because their editors may soon decide they can cut costs significantly by replacing writers with woke bots, which can reliably churn out politically correct pieces and advocate for lefty causes. The bots will never unionize, go on strike, nor demand a pay raise like humans do.

But many Americans are sick of wokeism in our culture and institutions and are hungry for different arguments and ideas only conservatives and free-thinkers can provide. Thus, thanks to ChatGPT’s built-in political bias, conservative writers, including me, do not have to worry about job security because there is a strong demand for our analysis and opinions in the marketplace of ideas. 

The real threat to conservative writers’ job security and our society’s well-being is not AI, but the woke left’s relentless pursuit to crack down on dissenting voices in the United States, especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Our nation continues to pay steep prices for politicians, public health officials, and Big Tech’s joint efforts that have shut down debates on topics from masking children and extended school closures to vaccine mandates.

This February marks the third anniversary of the passing of Dr. Li Wenliang, a well-known whistleblower in Wuhan, China, who warned the public about a coronavirus outbreak in late 2019. The Wuhan police arrested Li and accused him of “spreading rumors.”

Shortly after his release, Li was infected with Covid-19 and died in the same hospital he worked for on Feb. 6, 2020. Before his death, Li said in an interview that “a healthy society should not only have one voice.”

We should never forget his departing wisdom. While ChatGPT clearly reinforces one type of voice and one ideology, conservatives must continue to provide different voices and speak truth to power, because our fellow citizens’ freedom and well-being are at stake.

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