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Big Businesses Like KitchenAid Display Hatred For Women By Hiring Men In Costumes For Ads

Dylan Mulvaney
Image CreditNowThisNews/YouTube

No business would advertise using a white guy in blackface. Yet many major brands are fine with paying a delusional male to sell to real women.


TikTok performer Dylan Mulvaney, 26, says taking drugs, dressing up in bikinis, wearing makeup and bows, having sleepovers, and being nervous to rideshare without friends make him a girl, something anyone with a brain or eyes knows is not true.

Despite his sickening distortion of femininity while performing as a transgender man, Mulvaney is rewarded. Most recently, Mulvaney’s deluded belief that feathers and sparkles indicate womanhood granted him a front-page spot in KitchenAid’s 2023 Color of the Year campaign launch and newsletter.

Among pictures of dolled-up women ready to use their bright pink countertop appliances is Mulvaney, a biological man who launched an online career based on his absurd belief that “girlhood” is an ensemble anyone can take off or put on whenever he wants.

@kitchenaidusa Color of the Year is Hibiscus and it’s inspiring me to conquer my fruit phobia! You guys know I love bold pops of color and Hibiscus lets me bring that vibrancy into my kitchen everyday,” Mulvaney wrote in an ad for KitchenAid countertop appliances on his Instagram.

Big businesses like KitchenAid won’t admit it, but by partnering with men masquerading as women in their advertising, they are showing complete contempt for the women they claim to support and empower.

If a man like Mulvaney wants to use a pink — er, hibiscus — blender, so be it. But KitchenAid’s willingness to include Mulvaney in a campaign that is clearly designed for women is absurd and offensive to women everywhere.

The company has poured money and effort into “female empowerment” campaigns. Those include its documentary, “A Woman’s Place,” which highlights the company’s “challenging inequality, helping to advance women in culinary arts and support the industry at large.”

KitchenAid didn’t respond to The Federalist’s questions about whether the company endorses Mulvaney’s crude portrayal of women and whether it believes it appropriate for minors to present themselves as the opposite sex with the aid of irreversible drugs. But the company doesn’t have to explicitly state that for the world to understand what it’s communicating by hiring a man to promote products to women.

The popular appliance brand’s partnership with Mulvaney alone proves that KitchenAid has no problem with letting men invade spaces created for females if it means advancing its profits.

KitchenAid isn’t alone, of course. Dozens of businesses, many of which went to great lengths during the 2020 summer of rage to prove their allegiance to Black Lives Matter and condemn the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, would never promote their brand using a white guy in blackface. Yet when selling products primarily used by women, many major brands are fine with paying a delusional male.

Instead of facing condemnation by the same people who scream “my culture is not your costume” every October, men like Mulvaney are showered with attention, sponsorships, and promotional products from big businesses. His reputation as a male masquerading as a “girl” made him a coveted endorser for companies that advertise products to women. It also funneled him more than $1 million dollars.

Since he started taking harmful castration drugs last year, Mulvaney has raked in partnerships and sponsorships from makeup, hygiene, and fashion brands including Ulta, Kate Spade, MAC Cosmetics, Love Beauty and Planet, CeraVe, Milk Makeup, Urban Decay, Urlazh, Haus Labs, Neutrogena, and Native. His rise to stardom also resulted in deals with Svedka Vodka, Instacart, Crest, OkCupid, SodaStream, and Tampax, a tampon brand that even Mulvaney jokingly questioned about working with him since he has male genitalia and no menstruation cycle.

Mulvaney even shilled for a fertility facility that agreed to freeze his sperm because the drugs he took in an attempt to cover up his masculinity started to render him permanently infertile.

Reports indicate big businesses are scaling back their woke virtue-signaling campaigns. But just because corporations have agreed to stop sending out mass email campaigns about every social justice agenda item that disgraces Twitter doesn’t mean the days of endorsing those agendas are over.

When companies partner with men in costumes, they are hurting women by normalizing a cartoonish version of womanhood and reducing females to crude stereotypes in their advertising campaigns. Big businesses like KitchenAid may not always explicitly admit it, but their hate for women is undeniable.

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