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Ulta Beauty Is Just The Latest Big Business To See Dollars Signs In Pushing Gender-Bending On Minors

Man wearing red dress talking into mic on podcast set
Image CreditUltaBeauty/YouTube

Unhappy teen girls become easy prey for the institutions that have welcomed the booming gender-confusion industry.


Ulta Beauty released the latest episode of its podcast and YouTube show, “The Beauty Of,” featuring a man who purports to be a woman discussing the topic of girlhood. “Trans Girls Can Do It All!” reads an applause-emojied promo tweet from the retail brand.

“Dylan Mulvaney has been vulnerable about her transition since the day she told TikTok she was a woman. 167 days later, she continues to be honest about the good, the bad and the silly moments that come with finding girlhood,” reads the show description.

On its face, the episode hosted by cross-dressing David Lopez, who interviews Mulvaney, could be mistaken for a “Saturday Night Live” sketch. But the marketing of this popular trans-identifying male to represent the beauty of girlhood is not about mockery, it’s about manipulation. 

Ulta sees dollar signs in marketing to identity-driven consumers whose entire lives revolve around appearances. It’s the latest example of how a trans-obsessed culture embraces physically appearing feminine while neutering the real meaning of womanhood. Unhappy teens trying to solve their identity crisis become easy prey for the institutions that have welcomed the booming industry of transgenderism.   

Consider the heartbreaking account of a dignified young woman named Prisha Mosley openly bearing her soul of an experience she’s coming to terms with after taking a trans exploratory journey that she now deeply regrets:

I ruined my life. … I decided I didn’t want to be a woman before I had ever even experienced being a woman. I had no idea what being a woman was like, because I was a child, and now I feel like I will never entirely know.

She sits composed and speaks directly into the camera, but her words are haunting coming from a 24-year-old woman who has just reached the age of a fully formed frontal lobe:  

I want to say that I really feel like some people in the trans community and the trans medicalists and the doctors really, really target the most vulnerable of us. I have borderline personality disorder, and I know for a fact this is the reason for my transition. It’s a very difficult mental illness, and one of the core features is not having any sense of self or identity, and my doctors knew this. I told them — even though they didn’t ask — that I had been diagnosed with BPD and it was all fine to them. I wasn’t happy as a girl, so that meant I was a boy, that I was trans. And so, I just took the cure that was handed to me. I was told that I was being given a cure, and I wouldn’t want to kill myself anymore. And it wasn’t true. 

I didn’t want to cry in this video, but this is such a hard thing to talk about. I-I lost a lot of things to this, and I just hope that anyone who is going through what I was going through as a young girl won’t be prescribed hormones and surgery because of other things. You know, there are so many mental health disorders that make you hate your body, and the solution isn’t to change your body, it’s to fix your brain.

I just don’t want anyone else to feel this way. I lost my voice. I lost my chest. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to have kids. I feel like no one wants to date me or love me because I’m ruined.

Prisha’s tragic story begins at a time when writer Abigail Shrier began investigating “the transgender craze seducing our daughters.” Shrier chronicles the rise in rapid-onset gender dysphoria plaguing California’s tony suburban secondary schools in her blockbuster book, “Irreversible Damage,” published in 2020. The book was quickly ripped off the shelves of Target and blacklisted from Amazon under pressure from activists because it was only too true.

Today we see the trends of a trans-masculine delusion that entices young girls to cut off their healthy breasts and pump testosterone supplied by Planned Parenthood for the purpose of re-fashioning their feminine appearance. Many young women find their blossoming bodies developing faster than their emotional brains, and they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. They feel inferior to Hollywood’s sex-crazed standards of beauty, and their own battles with depression, childhood trauma, and the seduction of social media lead them down a well-paved trans-affirming path.

As recently revealed in videos associated with prestigious children’s hospitals, gender facilities seek to market these services and are profiting from this identity crisis. They are all too willing to comply and bear no long-term liability. Financial forecasters show the U.S. leading the way in the exploding growth of the mutilative transgender surgery market.

A recent report from Grand View Research found the U.S. market for such surgeries, “was valued at USD 1.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.23% from 2022 to 2030.” As Jay Richards writes in The Federalist, “At that rate, the market revenue will grow to $5 billion at the end of this decade. Business is booming because of ‘rising incidences of gender dysphoria and the increasing number of people opting for gender confirmation surgeries.'”

No doubt this will be at the expense of our children. All of this has become a tragedy for young women simply seeking affirmation and acceptance.

Prisha’s testimony adds to the ranks of Helena Kerschner, Chloe Cole, Cat Cattinson, and other young women who are facing up to the deception they bought into as adolescent girls, peddled with callous indifference by motivated gender facilities practicing lucrative trans medicine. They are uniting to find strength and support to challenge the institutions failing them.

These mutilating medical treatments are reinforced by woke companies who can profit from this evil trend. Walmart and Target enable young females to resemble their male peers with online and in-store sales of “trans-affirming” products, such as chest binders that diminish the size of their tops and underwear packers to create a bulge in their bottoms.

Social media influencers preach a gospel of living your “authentic self.” These budding young women facing the challenges of adolescence fall prey to an ideology that convinces them to defy the confines of their nature. They find freedom in throwing off the shackles of their female development by declaring a transgender identity and controlling their appearance, just like an anorexic girl finds empowerment by controlling what she eats. The trans party might seem invigorating at first, but more and more it results in a very bad hangover.

Like Prisha warns, many teen girls are seeking to suppress the suffering of sexual abuse, depression, or other diagnosable mental health conditions. Significant correlations with transgender identity exist among those on the autism spectrum. Others are simply caught up in the whirlwind of the social celebration of queer identity, completely ignorant of the consequences and unable to give informed consent to the damage wrought by chemical and surgical interventions.

It’s time to get a handle on the institutions and markets fueling a trans-obsessed world preying on teen girls now resulting in tragic tales of regret. And it is time for these women to take these peddlers of manipulation to court.

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