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New Disclosure Of Silent FBI Raid On Biden’s Office Shows Deep State At Work

Merrick Garland
Image CreditNBC News / YouTube

The fact that Americans are just now finding out about the inspection by federal agents three months later reveals the deep state at work.


The FBI conducted a search of President Joe Biden’s post-Obama White House office affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania in November, CBS News reported Tuesday. The fact that Americans are just now finding out about the inspection by federal agents three months later reveals the deep state at work.

The November search carried out by the president’s Justice Department followed Biden’s attorneys finding about 10 documents marked classified from his tenure in the Obama administration, CBS claimed, citing two anonymous sources. Americans didn’t even learn the president may have been harboring classified documents until CBS News’ bombshell report on Jan. 10, after months of endless accusations that former President Donald Trump illegally took top secret documents with him to Florida after an FBI raid on the former president’s home.

“In all, federal authorities have recovered between 25 and 30 documents marked classified from the office space and Mr. Biden’s Wilmington home,” CBS News reported Tuesday. In other words, multiple documents were found in multiple locations.

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In August, Trump became the center of another political spectacle when 30 plainclothes agents raided the 128-room palace at Mar-a-Lago. Federal officials even rifled through Melania’s wardrobe. The federal agents operated on a search warrant at the personal direction of Attorney General Merrick Garland, whose 2016 Supreme Court nomination was stifled by Trump’s triumphant victory.

Garland’s orders authorized federal officials to confiscate any documents Trump may have come in contact with as president. The broad warrant signaled a phishing expedition while the search was ostensibly conducted to probe potential violations of the Presidential Records Act, a law that is rarely prosecuted and which likely all presidents have violated since the law went into effect in the 1970s.

Shortly after the raid of the regime’s declared Public Enemy Number One just three months before the November midterms, the FBI began a new leak campaign against the former president with hysterical claims about the potential disclosure of nuclear secrets.

“A document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found by FBI agents who searched former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and private club last month, according to people familiar with the matter,” the Washington Post reported after the raid, “underscoring concerns among U.S. intelligence officials about classified material stashed in the Florida property.”

The hysterical coverage of the alleged documents scandal against Trump followed the same playbook as the prior six years of information operations from the Russia hoax to allegations of malfeasance in Ukraine. Deep state officials in the Department of Justice leaked hyperbolic claims to allied outlets that in turn amplified the claims of scandal.

“Trump Had More Than 300 Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago,” ran a New York Times headline in August.

“In Trump White House, classified records routinely mishandled, aides say,” ran another in the Washington Post.

During a “60 Minutes” interview in September, President Biden even shamed his Republican predecessor as “irresponsible” for his alleged mishandling of classified documents.

“How that could possibly happen, how anyone could be that irresponsible?” Biden said on national television.

Contrary to the pre-election public circus surrounding the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, the FBI search of Biden’s personal office space remained hidden from the public for months. Looks like the FBI didn’t leak that one to the media before it happened.

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