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New Year’s Resolution: Ignore The Anti-Fun Woke Babies

Single's Inferno paused on TV screen
Image CreditEddie Scarry/The Federalist

Something hopefully left behind heading into the new year is the fake shock and hurt put on by the left’s little woke monsters by whatever the latest entertainment program is on any given streaming service.

They did it with Netflix and Dave Chappelle, then with Spotify and Joe Rogan, and they’re surely looking for something new. But it’s gotten so old, and for some reason they’re never called out for it all being an obvious lie. And you know it’s a lie not by what they target, but by what they excuse and ignore.

Netflix last month premiered the second season of “Single’s Inferno,” an original reality dating show created by the streaming service wherein a group of single Korean men and women mingle with the hopes of finding love. It’s darkly hilarious how earnestly racist the show is, over and over again, yet there have been no walk-outs at Netflix or winding pieces in The New York Times explaining why it needs to be pulled off the platform.

I watched some of the first season recently — I love reality dating shows — and did a Google search, certain it would render a billion articles chronicling how controversial the show had been, but nope. Nothing. Not a thing about virtually all of the cast members professing their preferences for “fair skin,” or a “small face,” or “light skin,” or “double eyelids.”

Those are not the descriptions of ideal human features as written in “Mein Kampf.” That’s how the real people on a popular Netflix show talk out loud about what they personally find attractive.

You can’t tell me that mocking the absurd logic behind transgenderism or questioning the efficacy of novelty medicines is any more transgressive than explicitly declaring a preference for white skin and non-Asiatic eyes. It’s not that I care about Korean beauty standards. Foreigners say all kinds of weird things and collectively tend to be far more racist than David Duke. But if the social justice cretins are going to continue their cancel crusades of anything that promotes free expression or what is formerly known as “fun” — and of course they will — everyone else needs to wise up. Ignore the children.

It’s all made up. The things they pretend to be mad about aren’t real. It’s a cover for their compulsion to tell people what to do. In 2023, no one should be taking them seriously.

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