Michael J. New
Mainstream Media Misses The Story Behind U.S. Abortion Decline

Increases in contraception use are, at best, an incomplete explanation for the significant long-term decline in the abortion rate, despite the media’s reporting on new abortion numbers.

Biden’s Health Care Plan Demonstrates His Extremism On Abortion

Since the first debate, Biden’s campaign has made a concerted effort to rehabilitate his standing with liberal voters––including more emphasis on abortion.

Changing Hearts And Minds Is Necessary To Protect The Unborn

Public attitudes have shifted in a more pro-life direction since the mid-1990s. Is this a harbinger of good things to come in our abortion public policy?

Yes, Legislation And Education Do Effectively Reduce Abortion Rates

Don’t downplay the important role that legislative and educational efforts are playing in the long-term decline of the U.S. abortion rate.