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America’s Favorite Engineer Takes His Final Revenge On Package Thieves With GlitterBomb 5.0

Mark Rober in a Glitterbomb video on YouTube
Image CreditMark Rober/YouTube

Mark Rober mastered a level of punishment that leftist counties won’t get with reduced police budgets and district attorneys who refuse to lock up criminals.


America’s favorite engineer is back and ready to take his final revenge on San Francisco’s plethora of package thieves with a new and improved GlitterBomb.

Armed with mini autonomous glitter-carrying drones, a 360 camera, and 50 times more fart spray than in previous years, Mark Rober’s GlitterBomb 5.0 is intricately designed to teach California’s thieves a lesson about stealing from porches and parked vehicles.

The YouTuber, famous for his backyard squirrel obstacle courses and outside-the-box experiments like dropping an egg from space, first started the GlitterBomb series in 2018 after two porch pirates pilfered a $6 package from his front door. Rober tried to turn the not-so-sneaky thieves over to law enforcement using video evidence, but when the police did nothing, he took matters into his own hands.

Rober didn’t just want to stop criminals from stealing his valuables, he wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine. With a GlitterBomb contraption disguised as eye-catching technology, Rober took to the streets of California to go what he calls “full ‘Home Alone’” on the scummy people who steal Christmas gifts and other expensive possessions to resell for a profit online.

Anyone who successfully snatches the packages strategically planted by Rober and crew is suddenly and unknowingly transformed from a perpetrator into a victim. Once the thieves think they are safely back in their own homes or cars with the new treasure in tow, Rober remotely tasks the armed box with doing its worst.

Women, men, and even children involved in stealing the special parcel are met with an assault of the world’s finest glitter from sky-bound drones and a stinky spray that Rober confirmed takes days to air out of fabric such as carpet and chairs. A loud beeping, countdown, and soundbites from police radio recordings further confuse the criminals who frantically try to dispose of the obnoxious-smelling, noisy device by any means necessary.

Where Soft-on-Crime Counties Fail, Rober’s GlitterBomb Succeeds

This year, which Rober said will be his last time targeting looters, the NASA veteran shared his discovery that the thieves who orchestrate car break-ins in the Golden Gate City are pickier than he originally thought.

After several failed attempts to entice the hooded criminals with flashy merchandise, Rober shifted gears.

“We realized they had adapted. Word must have gotten out from stealing our GlitterBombs in previous years that a juicy-looking box like this sitting out in plain sight is nothing but trouble,” Rober said. “And as an engineer, I never claimed to have all the answers. But I know the process to get the answer and that’s trying and failing and tweaking over and over again.”

After a few modifications including shrinking the box down to a more grabbable size, Rober’s cars were broken into and his faux valuables were stolen. Recorders hidden in the small box captured the chaos that ensued.

Organized criminals who thrive on routine break-ins were rendered useless by a humble man’s smelly contraption. In a way, Rober mastered a level of deterrence and punishment that counties like San Francisco won’t get with reduced police budgets and leftist district attorneys who refuse to lock up criminals.

While Rober admitted that thefts and smash-and-grabs in San Francisco are still at an all-time high despite his best efforts to teach looters a lesson, he said more Good Samaritans have called the recovery number on the sides of his abandoned packages each year he’s conducted the experiment.

“Maybe people are becoming more considerate or perhaps everyone just knows what the GlitterBomb looks like now,” Rober concluded in his video. “But I love the idea that at some point someone’s package wasn’t stolen because a would-be porch pirate remembered these videos and had second thoughts.”

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