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Popular Left-Wing Racists On ‘Dr. Phil’ Expose The Hostility Of Democrats Who See Skin Color As Everything

Race2Dinner ladies
Image CreditDr. Phil / YouTube

Saira Rao and Regina Jackson Turner bring the vitriol of identity politics to the ‘Dr. Phil’ show.


Saira Rao and Regina Jackson Turner, famous for charging white women $2,500 each for a dinner where attendees are told how they’re racist, made their debut on “Dr. Phil” on Thursday.

The episode, “Deconstructing Karen,” dissects the experience of a woman named Ambrosia at a UPS store in 2020, where the white woman was labeled “UPS Karen” for refusing to wear a mask.

Through tears, Ambrosia explained that she was in the store to pick up Christmas gifts from her grandmother and aunt, “which we hadn’t received anything since, you know, I was 18 years old.”

When she got to the UPS store, however, trouble brewed.

“They had a three-person limit, that’s what the problem was, and I only counted myself and the two ladies and I said, ‘Well, OK, I am the third person,'” she explained. “Instantaneously, I was just being attacked because I wasn’t wearing a mask, but in the state of Georgia, you don’t have to wear a mask.”

“In your view, was there anything racial about this?” Dr. Phil asked.

“If you want my honest opinion, I thought I was the one being discriminated against because I wasn’t wearing a mask,” Ambrosia said, adding she didn’t think she was being racist to anybody.

“What are your thoughts about being termed a ‘Karen’?” Dr. Phil pressed.

“I think it’s silly,” Ambrosia said, outlining a definition she found of the phrase when she Googled that included being a middle-class woman. “I thought it was a compliment they were saying I was middle class because I’m not!”

The show published a synopsis of the episode on YouTube:

Rao and Jackson then went on to berate Ambrosia and demand she repent for her inherent racism by virtue of her whiteness. For their part, the entire episode took on the same style of aggressive wokeism that characterizes their “Race2Dinner” events.

For those unfamiliar with Rao and Jackson, the pair of activists rose to prominence in early 2020 when The Guardian published a feature story on their high-end dinner parties, complete with self-flagellation for rich white women convinced of their own racism.

Rao, who lost a Denver-area 2018 Democrat primary in the most left-wing congressional district of the American West not on the Pacific coast, runs a Twitter account, which is now private, that is easily one of the most racist feeds on the platform. One doesn’t have to scroll down far to find Rao venting online about “whiteness” or white people.

Just last week, Rao wrote, “America has always been fascist.”

“We know this, yes?” she asked her more than 44,000 followers.

Below are a pair of posts from last year in which Rao vilified white people as “toxic” and “ruined the world.” Replace the word “white” with any other racial identity — black, Asian, Hispanic — and Rao’s account might have been suspended under Twitter’s old rules regarding “hate speech.”

On “Dr. Phil,” Rao and Jackson brought their own unrepentant racism into living rooms nationwide, exposing the vitriol of modern leftism that’s embedded in identity politics, which is obsessed with skin color.

While mocking Ambrosia’s tears, Rao went on to charge the woman with being a racist for being white.

“I’m not racist,” Ambrosia said on the show.

The denial sent Rao into rage.

“Yes, you are,” Rao said, speaking over the alleged white oppressor. “Yes, you absolutely are. If you don’t see race, then you don’t see racism, and then you uphold racism.”

This is the lens through which left-wing ideologues see racism, where all members of the supposedly privileged class are expected to be held accountable for the wrongs of others even from injustice centuries ago. Rao and Jackson are eager to play the victim in their world of collectivized groupthink, amplifying their own victimhood as minorities on the program while demanding others pay the price for past racism.

“You don’t get treated the way I get treated in America,” Jackson told Ambrosia, who was expected to come on stage and repent for her whiteness and was met with reflexive charges of racism when she refused.

“At the time of this taping, which is right now, being nice hasn’t ended racism,” Rao said, justifying her and her business partner’s aggressiveness, their hatred visible on screen.

Rao and Jackson can’t contemplate a colorblind world where individuals are judged by their own actions and not their skin color or their identity-politics-defined group. In fact, Rao and Jackson view such a world with contempt and even stormed out of a podcast in 2020 when the book they assigned to the white women hosts, “White Fragility,” failed to convince the pair of their inherent racism.

In Rao’s documentary, “Deconstructing Karen,” a dinner guest named Marni describes how she sees the world, indifferent to race.

“It doesn’t phase me at all,” Marni says. “When we all bleed, we bleed red.”

“I’m just going to drop the bomb here, that’s white supremacy,” Rao said in response. “Colorblindness is white supremacy. Do not teach your kids to be colorblind.”

This is the prevailing worldview among woke activists that has crept into the mainstream Democratic Party. For proof, look no further than California, where lawmakers are preparing to dole out hundreds of billions of dollars in reparations to black people at $223,000 each, courtesy of innocent taxpayers — because nothing counters racism like more racism.

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