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Biden Still Hasn’t ‘Shut Down’ Covid So Face Masks Are Again ‘Strongly Recommended’ In Democrat-Run Los Angeles

Joe Biden takes off mask
Image CreditWhite House/Flickr

While the media pretend to be angry at yet another round of “zero-Covid” torture lockdowns in China, Democrat-run Los Angeles is separately creeping toward one more set of face mask mandates as the rate of infection there has spiked 50 percent in recent weeks.

On Nov. 26, L.A. County was averaging 2,100 new cases per day. That’s up from the daily average of 826 new cases just over a month prior.

Is anyone going to ask why, two years into his presidency, Joe Biden has yet to “shut down” the virus? Admittedly, two months ago he did declare that the Covid-19 pandemic “is over.” But then, after having caught the virus like eight times, he got his fifth Covid shot and then requested another $10 billion in Covid welfare from Congress. So, if you’re confused as to what the official line on the pandemic is from our elected leaders, don’t be. There isn’t one!

L.A.’s health department announced earlier this month that in addition to face covers still being required in health provider settings, like hospitals, they are now “strongly recommended” in all public indoor spaces. Recall that in addition to being run by liberal race tribalists, the Los Angeles government is led almost exclusively by Democrats, with Mayor Eric Garcetti at the top. In other words, the people who are the loudest in professing their allegiance to The Science™️.

What is the City of “Experts” doing wrong? They must not be social distancing. They must not be abstaining from non-essential travel. Aren’t they avoiding large indoor gatherings? And why doesn’t Biden care?

It’s worth noting that L.A.’s new “strongly recommended” mask wearing comes on Day 676 of the president’s corny “100 Days Masking Challenge,” a proclamation he signed the day after his inauguration. Since that time, the U.S. saw a rate of infection that more than tripled the peak of what it saw under Donald Trump. And right now there is once again an increase in the rate of Covid-related hospitalizations, I.C.U referrals, and deaths.

I know that we’ve been a little preoccupied with sending blank checks to Ukraine in order to make their shyster president look like a hero, but at what point is anyone of authority going to notice that Biden, and in fact, the entire Democrat Party, lied about their ability to stop a highly contagious airborne virus?

You would think they owe us an apology for that, though of course they knew it was a lie and didn’t care that eventually everyone would find out.

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