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Americans Are Over Biden’s Pandemic Incompetence

Biden's pandemic

Most Americans have apparently grown tired of Joe Biden’s COVID con. It’s time for them to leave the pandemic life behind and to leave Biden with it.


Just eight months into Joe Biden’s presidency, it looks like most people have realized they’ve been had. His promise that he was the one they could trust to bring a swift end to the pandemic was a con.

An Axios-Ipsos poll released Tuesday showed that for the first time, a majority of U.S. adults, 53 percent, have little to no trust in Biden to relay accurate information related to COVID-19. Compare that to when nearly 60 percent of the public said they did trust him immediately at the time of his inauguration.

But trust in Biden since then has melted away at a steady pace. Why wouldn’t it? When he vowed to “shut down” the virus, voters presumably thought he was sitting on a plan that would carry us safely from the tail-end of the most depressing winter months, when we saw the daily death average climb last year in mid-October from 673 to a peak in mid-January of 4,030.

There were already three different and highly effective vaccines available, and Biden had signed yet another multitrillion-dollar welfare package (sometimes referred to as “COVID relief”) that was sold as a desperately needed remedy to the pandemic.

But thanks to Democrats — including Biden and his vice president, having spent 2020 casting doubt on any vaccine developed under the previous administration (after all, they had an election to win, even if it meant people would die) — a sizable chunk of the population vulnerable to the virus has resisted getting shots.

And the bloated spending bill wasn’t so much intended to beat back the virus as it was to keep people out of work by giving them obscene amounts of cash to stay home, the result of which has been a frustrating, persistent labor shortage and skyrocketing gas and food prices to boot.

So after months of a declining rate of infections, and even with a majority of the country having been vaccinated, beginning in early July, Biden oversaw only then the second-worst wave of new infection rates since the start of the pandemic. On July 5, we were averaging 10,608 new cases each day. By the middle of this month, that number had soared to 175,822.

In that same period, we were averaging 206 COVID-related deaths each day. By mid-September, the number was 1,618.

All the while, Biden has looked like Mr. Magoo, pleading for people to wear masks for 100 days, then telling them to keep them on indefinitely. By the way, we’re now on day 250 of that 100 days.

The vaccines were the promised ticket back to normalcy. Now even the vaccinated are told to wear masks. If they leave the country and are infected abroad, they’re not allowed to return until they render a negative test.

The vaccines are dramatically effective at keeping people out of the hospital, but the Biden administration is telling people who have received one that their lives can be no different than anyone who refuses a shot.

And recall the president’s panicked, premature vow to make “booster shots” available to everyone, only to have his Food and Drug Administration shoot him down.

Biden: And we’ll make sure you all get a booster shot!

FDA: Not so fast…

Biden: Well, some of you, but not all of you, at least not now. But hopefully soon!

The incompetence is awe-inspiring.

At the White House on Monday, a reporter asked Biden how much of the population would need to be vaccinated in order to “go back to normal.” The president said as much as 98 percent. He might as well have said, “Wishful thinking.”

Only 55 percent of the population right now is fully vaccinated and The New York Times estimates that at the current pace, it won’t be until late July of 2022 that just 85 percent of the eligible public aged 12 and up might have received one dose of vaccine.

Most Americans have apparently grown tired of this. It’s time for them to leave the pandemic life behind and to leave Joe Biden with it.