Carina Benton
Carina Benton
Australia’s COVID Overreaction Is Turning A Once-Free Nation Into China

Australia has adopted public health policies evocative of the CCP, normalizing the means-to-an-end authoritarianism of a communist regime.

Families Don’t Want Catholic Schools To Follow Public Schools Down The Tubes

Families should not give in to Catholic schools that impose politically motivated mask and vaccine mandates and allow the gospel of woke to infiltrate school culture.

Australia Shows Why The Most Humane Border Policy Is Enforcing The Laws

There is nothing humane about yielding border control to criminal cartels who traffic and abandon toddlers and brutally rape children and women.

Moms Must Keep Hammering School Boards Until Critical Race Theory Is Dead

Nationwide, mothers in school districts are pushing back against Marxist-infused critical race theory curricula in order to protect their children.

Why Woke Christianity Is The Greatest Threat To Christians Today

At its core, and under the guise of the pseudo-Christian virtues of progress and tolerance, ‘liberal Christian heresy entails a destructive lie.

How The Left’s Insane Call To ‘Defund The Police’ Led To Murder And Mayhem

With spiking crime rates and police officers leaving the force in droves, the ‘defund the police’ movement proves to be endangering the very lives it sought to serve.

Catholic Priests Who Have Maskless Moms Arrested Are Tyrants, Not Heroes

After a century of perhaps the worst Christian persecutions in the history of the church, how do we find ourselves in a situation where Catholic priests are now persecuting the faithful?

State Legislatures Must Step Up And End The Mask Tyranny

Instead of waiting around for governors and bureaucrats to allow people to breathe freely again, state legislatures should do away with oppressive and scientifically unsupported mask mandates.

Harry And Meghan Are Only The Latest Villains To Emerge From The House Of Windsor

Harry and Meghan’s egotistical, rebellious, and reckless behavior suggests an intriguing House of Windsor myth from ‘The Crown’ may have been more than just clever script writing.

Government Lockdowns, Not The Virus, Booted Millions Of Women From The Workforce

The ‘stay at home to protect lives’ logic did not stop the virus, but did trample the booming economy, dragging down the most vulnerable women with it.

COVID-19 Is Not A Legitimate Excuse To Erase Human Rights And Turn Free Countries Into Tyrannies

The distressing truth is this: Australia’s untenable border situation reveals a creeping conditioning to government control spreading throughout the western world.

Church Leaders Who Cancel Christmas Services Are Clinging To Government Lies, Not Christ

We should demand that our pastors mark the Nativity with pomp and refuse to support churches whose leaders cower behind the lie that church is nonessential.

How Much Did The Vatican Let Theodore McCarrick Sway Its Agreement With Communist China?

In light of both the disastrous human rights situation in China and a sex predator’s dubious involvement in the Sino-Vatican accord, it’s time for the Vatican to come clean about Cardinal McCarrick’s role.

Totalitarian Left Promises Purges And Punishment For All Trump Voters

By trying to name and shame Trump supporters, the ‘Trump Accountability Project’ betrays a preference for Soviet-style retribution over a commitment to basic decency.

By Their Own Criteria, Democrats Are The Ones Undermining American Democracy

The Democratic Party’s policies and tactics since Trump’s 2016 nomination are, almost to a letter, right out of leftist Harvard professors’ litmus test for detecting assaults on democracy.

Pope Francis Risks Leaving A Legacy Of Confusion And Division

The pope’s series of doctrinally dubious statements, along with his questionable politics, have left faithful Catholics somewhere between scratching their heads and banging their heads against a wall.

Chris Cuomo: Get In The Closet, Serious Christians, Your Kind Aren’t Welcome In Public Life

The left believes Christians should be free to worship whatever sky-fairies they want, providing it’s a part-time commitment behind closed doors.

After Bishop Knelt To Black Lives Matter, A Vandal Decapitated A Statue Of Jesus In His Church

Bishops must take a stand, not a knee, and unanimously condemn the attacks against Christianity, and the Marxist, anti-Catholic vitriol that Black Lives Matter has been relying on to foment this seething hatred.

How Voting For Socialism Caused Czechoslovakia 40 Years Of Misery

Americans should heed the lessons of Czechoslovakia, a democracy that voted for a socialist utopia only to wait four decades to win its freedom back.

No, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Not ‘The Future Of The Catholic Church’

Prioritizing radical left ‘rock-star’ politicians over scripture and two millennia of teaching allows confusion and mischievous distortions of the truth to scatter and divide Christians.