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The Left Rediscovers ‘Women’s Rights’ After Reducing Mothers To Androgynous Birth Bots

The left’s schizophrenic approach to the concept of sex betrays a deep-seated contempt for women and a mockery of motherhood.


When earlier this week Politico reported a leaked initial draft majority Supreme Court decision that would eviscerate the landmark 1973 Roe V. Wade decision on constitutionally guaranteed abortion rights, it was tempting to be distracted by the left’s sudden “rediscovery” of women. Yet barely five minutes ago, this coalition of radicals and despots was waging an insidious information war laying siege to the very definition of “woman” and “mother.” The objective is to expand the concept of “woman” to include a hodgepodge of confused, abused, and opportunistic individuals who are either pretending they’re women, or deluding themselves that they’re not.

For the left, a “pregnant woman” is an expedient political pawn when she wants to extinguish the life of her unborn baby; the rest of the time, it’s an “offensive” phrase that could get you denounced for using “cisnormative” language. It’s time to stop pretending that the cultural Marxists ever wasted any love on women, their bodies, and their unique biological role as life bearers and nurturers.

Since the revolutionary feminists of the 1960s and 70s, they’ve been trying to destroy femininity and build it back better. Their chaotic platform has promoted vitriol against men, violence against the unborn, and now, irony of ironies, a denial that “women,” as an objective reality, even exist. Women would better serve their bodies, souls, and sanity by rejecting these demented lies and instead embracing a Christian understanding of motherhood and femininity. 

The “gender is an illusion” dispatch disseminated by the establishment hive mind and its dutiful drones is irrational and profoundly mischievous. Offensive terms like menstruating and birthing “people” are being snuck into the public discourse by the White House, government agencies, members of Congress, public health officials, and universities.

Nina Jankowicz , the cringey individual just appointed to head the Biden administration’s new Ministry of Truth, recently wrote a commentary on the online manipulation that drives pregnancy apps, in which she kept referring to “pregnant people.” The “online disinformation expert” entrusted with the constitutionally dubious task of dictating to Americans what they are permitted to say, and what constitutes thoughtcrime, is being totally dishonest about basic biology.

Yet the left’s histrionic defense of women’s access to abortion blows the whole “birthing people” nonsense out of the water. One cannot appeal to women’s so-called reproductive rights without acknowledging that women have an intrinsic biological function. Whether the “I believe in science” crowd accepts it or not, the human species has two sexes: female and male. The former is uniquely created to conceive, carry a child, and give birth. Humans are free to delve into the Book of Nature, which spells all of this out, but we didn’t author it and don’t get to re-write it.

The left’s schizophrenic approach to these issues betrays a deep-seated contempt for women and a mockery of motherhood. Significantly, it completely jettisons the hardcore boomer feminists fed on leftist “women’s rights” propaganda, and the damaged daughters they inflicted those lies on.

A recent article in The Federalist by Carrie Gress outlined the sorry, twisted case of Kate Millett, a revolutionary Marxist feminist, and author of the influential dissertation “Sexual Politics.” Millett was denounced by her sister as a demonic, unstable, and destructive individual who caused irreparable wreckage to her millions of handmaidens.

Generations of girls were engineered on the false gospels of Millett and others like her. They were led to believe that being a woman meant harnessing the freedom to weaponize their gender and sexuality against a patriarchal, sexually oppressive society, with their bosses, husbands, families, and pre-born babies feeling the brunt of the chip on their shoulders. Few among us have not been scarred by an Amber Heard or two, the tainted cultural offspring of the Millett generation.

After millions of divorces, broken relationships, neglected children, and more than 62 million pre-born babies slain, women are now having the rug ripped out from under their feet. Those who for decades fooled countless poor souls into militantly donning their gender interchangeably as a trophy and a handicap are now propagandizing that gender is merely a subjective feeling.

Surprise!, USA Today recently crowed, “scientists agree there’s no way to clearly define what makes someone a woman.” The “anything men can do I can do better” suckers are now being told their gender is an identity construct that they can opt out of, or that any unhinged or calculating man can hijack on a whim. Object to this lunacy, as J.K. Rowlings famously discovered, and prepare to be condemned as a bigot and a hater.

The absurdity is clearly on display in women’s sports. Yesterday, we were browbeaten into pretending that sports like women’s rugby are even mildly palatable to anyone but those subjecting themselves to the game. Today, we’re intimidated into accepting that a biological man who decides to call himself a woman has a right to exploit his physically superior strength and speed to trounce female competitors in the swimming pool.

However, women don’t need Merriam-Webster’s tweaked definitions of gender to understand what God created them to be. According to the Venerable Fulton Sheen, women beget culture, serving as guardians of “the values of the spirit” and protectresses of “the morality of the young.” He explains that “after nourishing the substance of the body to which she gave birth, the mother then nourishes the child with the substance of her mind.” The home life she cultivates is the “God-appointed training ground for human character.”

Mary, the Mother of God, is the prototype mother of such love. Two thousand years ago, this young woman living in a backwater province of the Roman empire changed the course of history by consenting to bear the Savior of the world. Her supreme virtues of humility before God, obedience to His divine law, and Christ-centeredness are models for every Christian woman and mother.

Sheen calls Mary the “Dream Woman,” because unlike any other creature throughout history, Mary exactly fulfilled, biologically and spiritually, what God created her to be. Pope John Paul II wrote that women, by looking to Mary, can find in her “the secret of living their femininity with dignity and of achieving their own true advancement.”

This is the ideal mother women should strive to emulate. The disgruntled man-hater, the neurotic abortion cultist, and now the androgynous birthing bot that political and cultural elites have successively tried to reduce women to, are best left behind.

The Marxist left’s multigenerational stealth attack on women is misogynistic, and an affront to God-ordained natural law and biological truths. More edifying is the unique relationship between femininity and the mother of the Redeemer.

Rather than yielding to disordered desires, the Christian mother serves the Lord. Instead of following the fluctuating trends of the world, she conforms to God’s law. And far from bloating herself on communistic bile, she heeds the call, like Mary, to be a bearer of the God-Man, who revealed Himself to the world as Truth itself. No amount of “hands off my uterus!” rants mixed with “gender is not a biological reality” psychobabble can ever cancel that.