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L.A. City Council Leaks Prove Democrats Only Care About Skin Color When It Helps Them

Nury Martinez
Image CreditKTLA 5/YouTube

Shocking audio recordings have leaked in recent days, and in them, Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez, who was regarded as an up-and-coming Democrat in California politics, can be heard making disparaging remarks toward racial minorities. 

Believing that her colorful commentary was a private communication that would never be seen or heard by the public, Martinez reportedly unleashed a barrage of insults on several people.

The recently leaked audio of her meeting with two council colleagues and an official from the Federation of Labor raises lots of questions but quickly settles one: Was Martinez a racist when she made her comments a year ago, or only when they were discovered a few days ago?

Comments such as, “F-ck [District Attorney George Gascon]. … He’s with the blacks,” provide a glimpse into Martinez’s true feelings about multiculturalism. She also reportedly described her fellow council member Mike Bonin as a “little b-tch” and his adopted black toddler as “a little monkey” in Spanish.

Despite casual cruelty, the real focus of this California horror story is the corrupt deal-making she allegedly participated in behind closed doors that included Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera, who has reportedly since resigned from his post.

These California Democrats embody the bigoted, power-hungry elitists they claim to detest. If they hadn’t been held accountable, would Martinez and her colleagues simply have continued working in their official roles? Would Martinez have remained comfortable uttering such off-limits comments like her reference to Bonin’s son? The obvious answer is yes.

Putting aside the questions of who recorded Martinez and her colleagues — or whether it was proper or legal to do so — what if no one had? Martinez would still be at the helm of the Los Angeles City Council. How many other elected Democrats like Martinez are masquerading as friends to black Americans and other minority groups?

Whether Martinez and her ilk resigned from the Los Angeles City Council meant very little. Their behavior is characteristic of the heavy-handed big-city “boss”-style politics that wrestles freedom away from regular folks while pushing an agenda that drives up crime, homelessness, and hatred across America. The Martinez leak is just a peek behind the curtain.

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