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Breaking News Alert Republicans Say Biden 'Not Fit To Serve,' Needs To Step Down

Biden Says He Wants A ‘Fresh Start’ On Covid. No Thanks!


President Biden on Tuesday harassed the nation again by rolling up his sleeve to get yet another Covid “booster” shot, exposing his collagen-depleted arm on live national television. Those episodes need to start coming with a trigger warning.

By my count, Biden has had one initial round of vaccination, followed by three shots, with an actual Covid infection along the way. And a re-infection. (Get those critical shots, FOLKS! It’ll protect you, FOLKS!)

But the most important part of Biden’s charade was when he said that now is the perfect time to hit the political reset button. “As we enter this new moment in the battle against Covid, let’s use it to start fresh as a country,” he said Tuesday, “to put all of the old battles of Covid behind us, to put all the partisan politics aside.”

Wait, so you want us to forget the hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths, the record levels of infection — four times the peak of infections under Donald Trump — and the coerced medical experimentation, all of which took place on Biden’s watch and because of his policies? Two weeks ahead of the midterm elections?

Nah! I’m good!

This election will be nothing if not an indictment of Biden, the Democrat-controlled Congress, and their appalling response to the pandemic. They’re the ones (with great assist from the media) who said from the beginning that every single new death, every single new infection, was the result of politics. They’re the ones who said that all it would take was to Follow The Science (gag). They’re the ones who said if they had power, the virus would recede and the country’s very soul would be restored. (Yes, they actually said that. I’m not quoting a corny Joe Scarborough monologue from 2013.)

To say “that’s not what happened,” would be the understatement of the century. What happened was that after they got the keys in their hands, yet more people got sick, more people died, and then thousands of survivors lost their livelihoods thanks to government vaccine mandates.

The daily average of new infections under Trump peaked in mid-January 2021 at 251,240. Almost exactly one year later under Biden, the number nearly multiplied by four at 806,795. Admittedly, the daily average of Covid-related deaths was at its highest under Trump in mid-January of 2021. But that it has continued to climb up and down to nearly the same height under Biden — twice! — isn’t the success story promised by the president who said he would “shut down the virus.”

The economy is in shambles. A visit to the grocery store requires a second line of credit. And the educational development of an entire generation has been retarded, probably permanently.

Yeah, with that record, I’d want to “start fresh,” too. I’d want to “put all of the old battles of Covid behind us,” too.

Can’t bygones be bygones?

No thanks! I’m good!

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