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The Left’s ‘Red Mirage’ Narrative Is Nothing More Than A Cover For Election-Rigging

Democrats and the media ramped up their propaganda campaign to normalize delayed election results. Prepare for a ‘red mirage,’ they warned.


On the eve of Election Day, when a red wave is expected to sweep the country, Democrats and their allies in the corporate press ramped up their propaganda campaign to normalize delayed election results. Prepare for a “red mirage,” they warned.

It was a coordinated effort across corporate media. Headlines ranged from “Why The 2022 Midterm Election Results Might Not Be Known Right Away” (CBS News) to “Be patient: this election is probably going to go on awhile” (NPR) to “We won’t know all the midterm results on election night. That’s normal” (Vox) and finally this kicker from ABC: “Early election night results might not indicate final tallies (and why that’s ok).”

Note ABC News’ framing, which posits that while early election night results might point to a red wave (as polls overwhelmingly suggest), it will all be a “mirage” as Democrats will catch up to (and surpass) their opponents once mail-in and absentee ballots are calculated in the coming days. Isabella Murray writes:

As early Election Day results come in on Tuesday, it will likely appear that a Republican candidates [sic] vying for any number of the federal or statewide races appear to be leading their Democratic opponents, even by large margins. Their leads will dwindle, or crumble completely, after perceived ‘dumps’ of votes are recorded by state election officials who count mail-in and absentee ballots in the days — or even weeks — following Election Day.

Axios is advancing the same narrative, writing that the Democratic National Committee held a private call with key stakeholders on how to handle communications if there’s a “red-to-blue shift” in the coming days.

“Democratic campaigns across the map warned journalists and supporters in preemptive briefings that tonight’s outcomes may take a while,” Axios reported. “In 2020, early returns in key states favored Republicans. It took days to count the mail-in ballots that helped put President Biden over the top. Dems had warned in advance of this ‘red mirage.'”

That Democrats and the media are already priming voters to expect GOP gains to evaporate once mail-in and absentee ballots — which skew heavily Democratic — are counted in the coming days and weeks should set off alarm bells reminiscent of the 2020 election, when Trump supporters woke up to find that the huge gains the former president had in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania on election night had disappeared due to late-night mail-in ballot “dumps” for then-candidate Joe Biden.

That polling locations now routinely count mail-in and absentee ballots days or even weeks past Election Day — and try to normalize it — is absurd. These delays only increase the likelihood of election irregularities and illegal votes (by allowing Democratic operatives to “find” or “cure” the necessary ballots they need to put their candidates over the top). But Democrats gaslight Americans by normalizing concepts like “election week,” showing how desperately they are holding on to their 2020 election-rigging playbook.

As columnist Auron MacIntyre wrote on Twitter, “They are literally going to tell us every election now that sure it looks like the GOP won but just wait we’ll count the votes until they didn’t.”

These continued problems destroy Americans’ faith in the country’s democratic process, if it is not already destroyed. As Federalist Staff Writer Shawn Fleetwood writes, “International election observers have indicated that delayed election results are one of several warning signs of incompetent election administration. But above all, forcing voters to wait in limbo while government officials take days to determine the outcome of an election does nothing but raise suspicions among the electorate about the validity and transparency of the electoral process.”

Don’t let Democrats or the corporate media fool you. Before the 2020 election, election results in America were published on election night. This push to turn Election Day into “election week” is a brazen attempt by Democrats to ensure elections result in their favor. If the United States is one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world, it should be able to count all its votes on Election Day.

If France (where votes occur by paper ballot only and mail-in ballots are illegal) can tabulate election results within 24 hours, so can we.

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