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Bombshell Audio Reveals How Tony Evers Normalized Gender-Bending Insanity In Wisconsin Schools

School children learning
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Wisconsin’s public school gender insanity is threatening students’ safety, violating parental rights, and rejecting objective truth.


A recently leaked bombshell audio recording from the Stevens Point Area Public School District reveals how Wisconsin public education took a turn for the worst under the purview of then-Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers and then continued on an abysmal trajectory throughout his tenure as governor.

The August 2022 recording captures a teacher training given by Gigi Stahl, the Stevens Point School District’s equity, diversity, and inclusion specialist, and sheds light on how Wisconsin’s taxpayer-funded schools threaten the safety of students, violate the rights of parents, and ultimately reject objective reality.

Violating Parental Rights

While Evers was superintendent, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), the state government’s education offshoot, began allowing school districts to integrate so-called “human growth and development” instruction, which includes radical gender-bending ideology, into all school subjects, including social studies, math, reading, and science. Stevens Point appears to have adopted this DPI suggestion, with Stahl stating that “equity, diversity, [and] inclusion” are “interwoven [in] all of the things that we’re doing.”

Stahl also instructed teachers to use DPI as a scapegoat if parents start asking questions about the integration of objectionable topics into everyday lesson plans. “…There are situations where we do get questions about why,” said Stahl. “‘What is our purpose in teaching something’ and ‘Why is this showing up in this subject?’ Or ‘Why is this showing up in this grade area?’ And being able to tie that directly back to DPI is really best practice.”

“If somebody comes and says, ‘Gigi, how dare you teach this thing in this class?’ I can be like, ‘Well, DPI said, so, you know, go talk to DPI,’” Stahl added.

Integrating woke gender theory into random lesson plans in subjects that have nothing to do with the sexes is, at its core, a violation of parental rights. According to the Wisconsin State Legislature, school boards are required to “annually provide the parents or guardians of each pupil enrolled in the school district with an outline of the human growth and development curriculum” and provide “information regarding how the parent or guardian may inspect the complete curriculum and instructional materials.” Moreover, “No pupil may be required to take instruction in human growth and development” and can be exempted with a written request from a parent or guardian. 

The chair of the Wisconsin group Mom’s for Liberty, Scarlett Johnson, explained to The Federalist that under the DPI guidance apparently adopted by Stevens Point, parents are not being informed of when “human growth and development” pervades multiple fields of classroom study. The new policy is tacitly removing parental choice from the picture. Whereas parents used to be able to easily exempt their children from sex education-specific classes, it’s much harder to exempt them from woke math and science classes. Therefore, parents are strong-armed into rescinding their right to excuse their children from radical sex indoctrination.  

Boys in the Girls’ Bathroom 

When a teacher asked Stahl, “What restroom does a non-binary person use?” Stahl responded that it’s “up to the individual.” According to the Stevens Point school board’s “Gender Support Plan Tips and Suggestions 2022,” students who claim to be nonbinary or transgender do not even have to represent themselves as the opposite sex to be validated by school staff, meaning any boy who says he’s a girl is free to use the women’s restroom and vice versa. 

“There is no medical or mental health diagnosis or treatment threshold that students must meet in order to have their gender identity recognized or respected,” reads Stevens Point’s Gender Support Plan. “As such, the district will not require medical, legal or other ‘proof’ in order to respect, affirm or acknowledge a student’s gender identity.”

Stevens Point’s bathroom policy poses a serious threat to girls attending school in the district — especially because potential predators don’t even have to pretend to be experiencing gender dysphoria to enter intimate spaces previously reserved only for women. A tragic example of a bathroom policy like Stevens Point’s going horribly wrong occurred in May 2021 when a female student in Loudoun County, Virginia, was raped by a 15-year-old “boy in a skirt” in her school bathroom.  

Speech-Policing Teachers and Students 

Stahl instructed teachers to use whatever pronouns their students demand, irrespective of whether it reflects biological reality. “…[A]void the phrase ‘preferred pronouns’” because it “implies that the use of pronouns is optional versus a requirement,” Stahl told the teachers. 

She also framed teachers refusing to engage in students’ gender delusions as extremely disrespectful, detrimental to learning, and “unsafe.” “…[I]f you actually ignore a pronoun that’s being asked of you to use appropriately,” said Stahl, then “you’re communicating … that you know students better than they know themselves,” that “their sense of safety is not important to you,” and that “you want to teach all of their peers and all of the other teachers around them to disrespect them.” 

Likewise, if students don’t affirm others’ gender delusions at Stevens Point, they can expect to be bullied into submission by teachers. For instance, Stahl advised that if students refuse to use gender-bending pronouns because it “doesn’t align with [their] belief system,” teachers should pressure them into compliance by telling them that they are not being “respectful.”

The Furries Are Real

Johnson told The Federalist that parents were continually told furries do not exist in the Stevens Point School District. And Kris Marchel, the school resource officer at Stevens Point’s Ben Franklin Junior High School, told The Federalist that furries are a “social media myth” and that he hasn’t “heard of any factual reports of ‘so-called furries’” existing in the district.

However, Stahl appeared to confirm in the teachers’ training that furries do exist at Stevens Point and that the district “support[s]” students pretending to be animals at school. Stahl thinks it’s “just fine” for students who have “a furry identity” or “a fursona” to “[wear] a tail or ears,” if they are in dress code. Moreover, the Stevens Point School District “supports” this kind of behavior. “…[I]f someone wants to express their identity by, you know, clothing that is something that we support in a lot of different places for the way that our students express themselves,” said Stahl.

Rejecting Reality

When The Federalist asked the district if Stahl, who makes roughly $83,000 per year including salary and benefits, is facing any disciplinary action for the training, the district refused to comment. Altogether the district is dumping $308,025 every year, paid for by taxpayers, into salary and benefits to further “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in Stevens Point schools, which, based on Stahl’s training, includes rejecting universal truths about the sexes.

All of this comes down to Wisconsin leadership. It was Evers’ DPI that provided the illegal sex education guidance that violates parental rights while he was superintendent, and since he became governor, the current DPI is actively emboldening radicals like Stahl by doing things such as providing “resources for gender expansive preschoolers.” 

Stahl told The Federalist through a communications director that no parents have offered feedback about the leaked teacher training, but one parent told The Federalist that the training was upsetting to her and other parents. With a woke school board and radical governor, however, these parents are fighting a losing battle. 

“Where does it end?” Johnson asked. “Their ideology does not allow them to draw any lines in the sand.” 

The answer is that it won’t end, and parents don’t stand a chance until Wisconsinites fight back at the polls.

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