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Ron Johnson’s Senate Opponent In Wisconsin Has Repeatedly Expressed Hatred For America


Democrat Mandela Barnes boasts that he’s challenging Republican Sen. Ron Johnson for a chance to “fix” everything that ails the nation, but Barnes’ desire to revamp the U.S. doesn’t come from his love for America the beautiful. Instead, it’s a product of his disgust for the nation he calls home.

The lieutenant governor of Wisconsin has quite a history of extremist tweets and a penchant for faking endorsements, but it’s the Democrat’s hatred for the greatest country on Earth that really shows just how radical he is. For years Barnes has made disparaging comments about both modern America and its founding.

In 2021, while campaigning for a chance to join Congress, Barnes told constituents that our country’s birth was “bad” and “terrible.”

“The founding of this nation? Awful,” Barnes said during a question-and-answer session. “We are here now, and we should commit ourselves to doing everything we can do to repair the harm, because it still exists today — the harm, the damage. Whether it was colonization, or whether it was slavery. The impacts are felt today; they’re going to continue to be felt unless we address it in a meaningful way.”

Barnes acknowledges that the United States “is the most wealthy, is the most powerful nation on Earth,” but says that’s only “because of forced labor on stolen land.”

“We have to teach the reality of why we are where we are, or else people will just assume it just happened this way because of hard work, because of pulling up by your bootstraps,” Barnes said during a Facebook live discussion hosted by leftist group Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

In 2020, Barnes tried to convince an audience at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater that “we are still waiting for our moment for America to be great.”

“We still don’t comprehend that kind of campaign slogan because it’s meaningless to us as a community, it’s meaningless to us as a race,” Barnes said, referring to Donald Trump’s rally cry to “Make America Great Again.”

That same year, Barnes repeatedly accused America of being an irredeemably racist nation that can only be remedied by annihilation and then rebuilding.

“We know that we can’t remedy the white supremacy and the systemic racism that is built into all of our systems in just a couple of years or with any package of legislation,” Barnes said during a speech lamenting the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man in Wisconsin who resisted arrest, appeared to be armed with a knife, and began to enter a vehicle where children were in the back seat and the weapon was later recovered.

If Barnes loved America, he wouldn’t have spent years justifying the billions of dollars in destruction that plagued the nation’s cities following the death of George Floyd. If Barnes loved the U.S., he wouldn’t have made regular appearances on Russia’s primary propaganda channel, used to “manipulate and weaken adversaries,” in 2015 and 2016 just to badmouth his own nation’s law enforcement officers. If Barnes loved this country, he certainly wouldn’t advocate for federal decisions that are driven by “equity and sustainability,” synonyms for the radical left’s erasure of the principles the Founding Fathers built this nation upon.

Barnes has repeatedly made his hatred for America clear. If he is elected, Barnes will maximize his senatorial authority to rip apart the principles, policies, and people that truly make this country great. He says so himself.

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