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Virginia Democrat Plotting To Take Kids From Parents Who Won’t Trans Them Is Just Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud

Everything Democrats say they believe about LGBT youth demands that children be taken from parents who do not affirm rainbow identities.


Virginia Democrats plan to put us in prison and take our children from us if we do not endorse LGBT ideology. 

Democrat Elizabeth Guzman has announced that she is introducing a bill in Virginia’s House of Delegates to “expand the state’s definition of child abuse and neglect to include parents who do not affirm their child’s gender identity or sexual orientation.” When asked about the possible penalties, Guzman replied, “It could be a felony, it could be a misdemeanor. … We know that CPS charge could harm your employment.” In short, not helping your confused adolescent daughter amputate her breasts and sterilize herself would be a crime for which the state will take your child away from you, ruin your career, and maybe lock you up.

This wicked proposal is the inevitable result of the false claims of the LGBT lobby, which have been repeated by Democrat leaders from President Biden on down. It is the logical conclusion of their assertion that children are intrinsically LGBT, and that their well-being and, indeed, their very lives, depend on the unconditional affirmation of their rainbow identities.

As I observed earlier this year, “if children are born LGBT, it follows that they should be raised by adults who will support them in these intrinsic, immutable identities. Thus, it was inevitable that the LGBT movement would begin taking children away from parents.” Guzman is just saying loudly what smarter Democrats have been whispering; she is making obvious the policies that they have been trying to implement more slowly and subtly.

The ideological root of this attack on parental rights is a sort of perverse sexual Calvinism that believes that some children are born into the rainbow elect. Scientifically this is false — the search for a “gay gene” quietly ended in failure, and there is even less evidence for a biological basis for transgender identities. Unlike sex, a person’s sexual attractions and so-called gender identity are shaped by a multitude of factors, such as the social contagion that is the transgender craze; we are not “born this way.” But the born-this-way narrative has been a potent, even decisive, weapon in the LGBT movement’s arsenal, and they are unwilling to let it go. 

Consequently, the logic of this myth continues to unfold, and it cannot be confined to consenting adults, despite their previous claims to the contrary. After all, if some children are born LGBT and this is normal and good, then it is necessary to undertake intense evangelization efforts to ensure that these intrinsic and essential identities are recognized and affirmed. In the case of transgender identities, this means medical interventions including chemical and surgical sterilization as well as the amputation of healthy body parts. 

The alternative, we are told, is misery and suicide. This is false, and the case for medical transition is built on junk science, but it is a potent threat. Thus, the logic of transgender ideology compels adherents to persecute parents who dissent. And so if Guzman has her way, parents who object to their children being mutilated will be jailed, and worse, lose their children.

The enforcement mechanisms are in place, and they will snare a multitude of parents. Public schools are increasingly captive to sex and gender ideologues, who have made LGBT ideology into an official dogma of American education. The result has been exponential increases in LGBT identification among children. The reasons are obvious — claiming a rainbow identity provides miserable and alienated kids with, among other things, an explanation for their unhappiness, a promise of how it can be fixed, a community that love-bombs them when they join, and a sacrosanct social identity. 

Furthermore, the same activist educators pushing children to embrace rainbow identities, even behind their parents’ backs, are also mandated reporters who are required by law to inform the authorities of suspected child abuse. Thus, under Guzman’s law, as soon as a child complains to a teacher or counselor or administrator about parents who are not sufficiently affirming, that teacher has to call child protective services, who will in turn also call the cops. This system is designed to allow educators to groom children into LGBT identities and then take them from their parents, and educators who dissent from LGBT orthodoxy will be punished if they don’t join in.

Fortunately, Guzman’s vile proposal is unlikely to go anywhere, at least for now. And Virginia’s Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, has been delivering on his campaign promises to respect parental rights. 

But this bill shows where the Democratic Party leadership is going. Indeed, it shows where they already are, even if some of their voters don’t know it yet. Everything they say they believe about LGBT youth, and especially about “trans kids,” demands that children be taken from parents who do not affirm rainbow identities.

Thus, Republican politicians with any integrity or intelligence must throw themselves fully into the fight to preserve parents’ rights and resist the social contagion that is maiming children. This is a righteous and popular position, and those who refuse to protect parents and children must be primaried and replaced.

As for Elizabeth Guzman and anyone else who wants to take my children from me: Molon Labe

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