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Biden Tells DNC He’ll Sign Legislation Legalizing Abortion All The Way Up To Birth

Biden doubles down on abortion

President Biden promised to sign legislation legalizing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy in a recent speech to the DNC.


In a last-ditch attempt to distract midterm voters from Democrats’ disastrous legacy, President Joe Biden vowed to sign a bill that would legalize abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, something a majority of Republican and Democrat voters disagree with.

In a speech at a Democratic National Committee event on Tuesday, Biden promised that if Democrats keep their grip on Congress come Nov. 8., he will codify Roe v. Wade in January on what would be the decision’s 50th anniversary.

“Together will restore the right to choose for every woman and every state in America. So vote. You gotta get out the vote. We can do this if we vote, folks,” Biden said.

As for the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision, Biden falsely stated it caused “women all across the country, starting in my house” to lose “a fundamental right.” Biden’s wife is far beyond child-bearing age and is a legal resident of a state that allows abortion through most of pregnancy. Dobbs did not outlaw abortion, but returned legislating on abortion to the states.

Biden claimed that Dobbs pushed Republicans towards “doubling down on their extreme positions” on abortion. In reality, it is Biden’s White House, joined by his Democrat allies, who are pledging to reject the abortion restrictions most voters support in favor of forcing their deeply unpopular abortion agenda on all 50 states.

“Take a look at what happened in Kansas. Come this November, we’re gonna see what happens all over America, God willing,” the “deeply Catholic,” pro-abortion president said.

Polls, which are often manipulated by corporate media to aid the Democrat agenda, acknowledge that only 17 percent of Americans support the type of unlimited, taxpayer-funded abortion through all nine months Biden wants to legalize.

Regardless, Biden and the vulnerable Democrats whose political fates will be decided on Nov. 8 have fully embraced abortion up to the moment of birth.

Some blue politicians, such as Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, have gone so far as to deny babies in the womb have detectable heartbeats and pretend that science doesn’t say life begins at conception.

In addition to ignoring how voters feel about killing babies in the womb, Biden’s address also overlooked the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans simply aren’t thinking about abortion when they cast their ballots.

One month before election day, 37 percent of voters say inflation and price increases are the biggest issues facing the country today. Right behind that is the economy and jobs, which 29 percent of voters think is a No. 1 problem.

“With elections next month, independents, especially women, are swinging to the G.O.P. despite Democrats’ focus on abortion rights,” The New York Times admitted in an article on Monday.

Even MSNBC hinted that Biden’s pro-abortion rant was out of touch with voters who are more concerned with inflation, the border crisis, and crime.

Americans are not falling for Democrats’ attempts to distract them from the real issues, but that’s not stopping Biden from doubling down.

“The president is going to continue to talk about issues that matter to the American people, and abortion is one of them,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed on Tuesday afternoon after Biden’s speech.


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