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Will Globalist Corporate Governance Schemes Bleed Into Beloved Shows On The CW Network?

TV programming is all about messaging designed to control the market. We should expect nothing less from The CW takeover.


TV and movies are no longer just about entertainment. They aren’t even just a ratings and numbers game anymore. Something much bigger has been brewing for some time. Now a major network takeover is happening, causing multiple executives to quit, and this is likely to lead to an increase in leftist propaganda, as hard as that is to imagine.

The CW isn’t exactly known for offering mind-expanding shows, but it has been touted as a network for campy teen and young adult entertainment. This demographic — and producing content to sway even younger viewers — is highly influential. Those who educate and control the next generations can control political movements and even voting results. 

But now, Nexstar Media Group has bought the network. This is no small move. Not only have the new owners revealed that the station has been failing to draw in younger viewers, it recently revealed that the average age of current audiences is 58.

This may seem laughable, but that sets their content way off the mark. It also says something about children of the ’60s and Nexstar’s goals.

Politics, Propaganda, and ESG Scores

Younger populations may seem more involved in politics, but they still do not vote at the rate of older Americans. Nexstar isn’t just a major television conglomerate, it is a progressive corporation with a specific Corporate Social Responsibility Plan. This is focused on the common SJW buzzwords, “diversity, equity, and inclusion” and is done in order to obtain a high ESG score.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores are being pushed onto American businesses by questionable organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF). It is an unofficial social credit system that created the wokeism epidemic across the nation because it ranks corporations by how well they follow mainstream environmental movements, practice social justice, and support “acceptable” political endeavors.

It globalizes industry and destroys the American principles of free market capitalism. It also takes power away from the people by allowing a ruling body of elites to determine how business owners are scored and just what is deemed acceptable.

Controlling the Market

The WEF abused the pandemic to push for more globalist operations and it’s working. The CW will no longer be a silly station offering campy content. As soon as the takeover is finished, Nexstar is set to shift its focus. They already control more than half of the television markets in the United States, and their proud display of ESG pandering is a picture of things to come.

CW executives who have been with the station since the beginning, and even during the last switch, are displaying their opposition to this corporate takeover. The long-time CEO, chief branding officer, and financial chief are all leaving. While staff changes during company buyouts are common, some of those quitting remained since the last changeover when the CW replaced the WB.

As they leave, this opens up room for Nexstar to implement its equity values in hiring practices. Gone are the days when talent and hard work made the grade; now TV programming is all about politics and social credit scores designed to control the market and tell audiences what to think.

Employee Backlash

The CW exits are not the only employee backlashes against Nexstar. Indeed ratings for the company average 2.5 out of 5 stars due to a corporate culture that “treat(s) employees like numbers.”

One Reddit user was so unsure of their new position with the company that they turned to fellow Redditors for advice. The comments were littered with warnings about working for this massive company. Similar sentiments about Nexstar were found in company ratings on Glassdoor. One former employee went so far as to describe how this company bought out their station and destroyed it, nicknaming Nexstar “The Deathstar.”

That’s what happens when a company is more focused on filling diversity quotas than caring about individual employees. It also displays the current threats that corporatism poses to not only society at large, but smaller media groups and individuals seeking balanced employment opportunities. It is yet another component of the big business, Big Tech, and big government network that is taking over the nation.

The Current Station

The CW may not be as big as some of the older networks such as NBC or CBS, but they have been a staple for viewers seeking something different since they debuted. Instead of the same old crime dramas and lackluster comedies, game shows, and reality TV, this station has been known to give viewers an alternative. That is about to be abolished.

It is also important to note that although the CW may seem like an already perfect place for wokeism and progressive storylines, the company itself has so far avoided entering the realm of extreme leftism. There isn’t even a common diversity statement noted on the website — no ads or pages dedicated to promoting equity, social justice, or employing a chief diversity officer.

Their website is pretty tame for a modern network. It contains the usual links to content and Closed Captioning information. An Accessibility page is dedicated to ensuring that disabled viewers can view shows with ease. None of these endeavors tout ESG scores or the known progressive talking points that Nexstar boasts.

Sure, it’s called “programming” for a reason. Television programs may have always had some political bent, but this new venture reeks of something much bigger. It’s written in Nexstar’s “corporate social responsibility” plan.

Like with American schools, hospitals, corporate media, businesses, and even charities and religious organizations, these types of plans spell leftist propaganda, and that’s why our country is currently struggling to uphold our values of individual rights. Our culture is being attacked by every major entity taking over our unique communities and reducing us to nothing more than numbers.

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