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When The Left Tries To Control You With Fear, Conjure Up The Courage Of Kanye

Tucker interviewing Kanye
Image CreditFox News/YouTube

In withstanding the public flogging, Kanye is inspiring people across the country to break free from their mental chains. 


On the heels of Kanye’s “White Lives Matter” viral fashion statement during Paris Fashion week, the business mogul and rap artist sat down for an exclusive and explosive interview with Tucker Carlson.

During the interview, Kanye laid into the speech police that make up the corporate fashion world, Hollywood, and the “Godless” media. He called out the censorship regime for trying to control political messaging in pop culture by manipulating his reality TV-famous ex-wife Kim Kardashian and mercilessly punishing him for being a free thinker. And perhaps most of all, he showed why, when the left tries to control you with fear, courage is the only option.

Corporate Fashion Punishes Ideological Dissent

Indeed, censorship and groupthink were the themes of the night, with Kanye describing how since he’s moved off script, the media and celebrity class have waged full-out war against him. For instance,Kanye believes he was “set up” by Conde Nast (a global mass media company that owns Vogue, The New Yorker, GQ, and Vanity Fair, among others) and Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue (and the devil from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”), after the fashion show where he wore the “White Lives Matter” shirt. 

The first shot taken in the setup came from Vogue fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who said on her Instagram that Kanye’s “White Lives Matter” shirt was “indefensible behavior,” “pure violence,” and that there was “no art here.” 

Then Wintour unleashed her “dolls,” mega influencer models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, now Bieber. Suddenly, “All her dolls had something to say.” The smearing and faux online outrage, said Kanye, would only have been done with the tacit permission of Conde Nast and powerful Democrat ally and donor Wintour. Calling out Black Lives Matter and stating the obvious about the organization’s corporate-funded corruption must be punished immediately by making him radioactive in the fashion world and to corporate America.

Throughout the ordeal, Kanye has been accused of all the usual ‘isms: racism, sexism, as well as bullying and fat shaming, presumably because Vogue’s Karefa-Johnson is plus-sized. Never mind that Kanye responded to her ludicrous accusations of “violence” by mocking her style and specifically her ugly boots, not her body.   

Using His Family to Silence Him

Sadly, Kanye’s friends and family joined in the attacks and are perpetuating the narrative that he is mentally ill and unstable. This time, Kim Kardashian’s people had a source dish to Hollywood Life that she thought her husband’s shirt was a “horrible choice” and that she was “utterly disgusted” to see him with conservative commentator Candace Owens, who also wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt to the show. 

Kanye also told Carlson the Clintons have their political tentacles around Kim. “It was wild that I didn’t know how close my own wife was to the Clintons,” said Kanye, who revealed that the Clintons and other political forces attempted to influence him via Kim. “…Yes, there was manipulation,” said Kanye, adding that powerful influences succeeded in initially stopping him from coming out as a Trump supporter. 

Kanye explained that during the 2016 presidential election campaign, “every single person in Hollywood,” including Kim, Kris Jenner, his “so-called friends,” and “handlers” told him that if he publicly supported Trump, his career would be “over” and that he might even lose his life. 

Speech police also warned Kanye that the future of his marriage and the well-being of his children would be threatened if he went public with his Trump support, he recalled. As a man who so openly talks about the importance of fatherhood and his children, these warnings must have weighed heavily. Not even the most powerful and wealthy rap icon in America is immune to intimidation when countering the leftist narrative, and even he felt compelled, for a period of time, to “bit[e] [his] tongue” for the sake of his children.  

The most poignant and clearly painful moments of the interview came when Kanye talked about his wife’s decision to commodify her body to sell products and maintain her lavish lifestyle, and the message that sent to his young kids. “Kim is a Christian, but she has people who want her to go to Interview magazine and put her ass out while she’s a 40-something-year-old, multi-billionaire with four black children,” Kanye said.  

According to Kanye, anyone with influence, such as his ex wife, will have forces trying to control them, and fear is the primary weapon. “[Those with influence] have people that are around them at all times, telling them what to be afraid of.” Interestingly, he revealed, they are not told what to say as much as what not to say. 

Kim showed courage when she put her passion for criminal justice reform over politics and worked with President Trump in 2020. Kanye suggested, however, that more often than not Kim’s luxury lifestyle and her desire for influence take precedence.

Now divorced, Kanye divulged that one of the “Godless” media’s most painful campaigns against him was when they called him a “stalker” for buying a house near Kim, so he could be near his children and fulfill his duties as a father. 

Breaking Free from Mental Chains

Despite all the personal suffering, Kanye didn’t shy away from stating facts that undermine the regime, such as stating that more black children are aborted than born in New York City. He even talked about Planned Parenthood’s racist, eugenic roots, something the left has been trying to keep quiet for decades. 

Kanye credits his Christian faith for withstanding the tribulations. “God builds warriors in a different way. I don’t know if it’s because of me being born in Atlanta and growing up on the south side of Chicago that, you know, he made me for such a time like this.”

By speaking his mind and prompting others to think, Kanye is one of the left’s biggest targets. They tried making an example of him, showing what will happen if you dare step out of ideological line. Yet in standing his ground, Kanye succeeded in getting his messages across. In not buckling under the pressure with some mechanical PR team-written apology and proving he could withstand public flogging, he inspired Americans across the country to break free of their mental chains and self-censorship too. As Kanye said, fear is one of the left’s favorite weapons, which is one reason courage is so crucial.

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