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Utah LGBT Group Sponsors ‘All Ages’ Back-to-School Drag Show With Inappropriately Named Performers


Warning: This article contains graphic content.

A Utah nonprofit is sponsoring a “Back to School Pride Drag Extravaganza” on Saturday with performers whose names sound like “anal leakage” and “genitalia” when pronounced.

The Provo-based LGBT group, “RaYnbow Collective,” is promoting the performance as an “ALL AGES, Family-Friendly Drag Show” on its flyers.

The RaYnbow Collective did not respond to The Federalist’s inquiry about how the organization can guarantee the show will be “family-friendly.”

Drag shows nationwide have sparked criticism for advertising events as kid-friendly while dancers offer sexually explicit performances to underage children who have even been encouraged to tip.

One bar in Dallas, Texas, is under investigation by the state comptroller’s office after the venue featured performers accepting cash from children under a neon sign that reportedly reads, “it’s not gonna lick itself.”

“Like many Texas parents, I was disturbed by the recent images showing children participating in a drag show in the Dallas area, including one image of a child placing money in a performer’s undergarment,” said Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar in a statement last month.

Another establishment in the Dallas area held a kids’ drag brunch guarded by armed Antifa activists who clashed with protesters outside the event.

Footage of a “family-friendly” pride event in North Carolina introduced children to provocative pole dancing.

The drag performances come as the LGBT movement pivots from focusing on same-sex marriage to targeting impressionable children who then become confused about their own biology and pursue permanent trans surgeries. Boston Children’s Hospital has advertised these procedures for minors as young as 15.

Emails The Federalist obtained from a public library in Illinois reveal activists eager to put on drag performances for children.

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