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Big Tech Censorship Partner The Dispatch Smeared Newsmax Reporter Who Called Out Pfizer’s CEO For Not Being Fully Vaxxed

Image CreditArtem Podrez/Pexels

Robinson was right: ‘The CEO had to cancel a planned trip to Israel because he was not fully vaccinated.’ There’s nothing ‘misleading’ about it.


After being smeared by Big Tech censorship partner The Dispatch as a “frequent purveyor of bad information” for calling out the Pfizer CEO for not being fully vaccinated last year, Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson was exonerated by an admission in the CEO’s own book — but not before being deplatformed by Twitter.

Robinson published an article on her Substack on Monday morning triumphantly declaring, “I Was Right About The Pfizer CEO!” after journalist Jordan Schachtel noted that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla admitted to canceling his March 2021 trip to Israel because he had not yet received his second Covid-19 jab.

In his book “Moonshot: Inside Pfizer’s Nine-Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible,” published in March of 2022, Bourla confirmed that he declined to advise researchers in Israel in early March of 2021 because he was not in compliance with the country’s two-jab requirement.

“Getting vaccinated had created a crisis of confidence for me,” Bourla wrote. “I chose to wait until my vaccination might be used to encourage those with vaccine hesitancy later on.”

Shortly after that cancellation, Bourla received his second jab.

In August of 2021, Robinson tweeted a link to a report explaining why Bourla’s plans changed. Robinson emphasized that, out of all people, it was the Pfizer head who “was not fully vaccinated.”

But at the time of Robinson’s tweet, Big Tech censors and their partners jumped at the opportunity to take down someone who regularly questioned the Covid-19 shot. Twitter added a “context warning” to Robinson’s tweet, and The Dispatch published a false article attempting to refute the reporter.

In the fake fact check, Dispatch fact-check editor Alec Dent shamed Robinson for sharing that Bourla “has not been vaccinated against coronavirus” months after the trip was canceled. He lamented that “the misleading tweet” went viral.

“A Newsmax correspondent tweeted a story about Albert Bourla without noting it was from March,” the subheadline of the article states.

Dent cited a statement from Steven Danehy, director of media relations at Pfizer, who denied that Bourla was “not fully vaccinated” as proof that Robinson was lying to thousands of people on Twitter.

“That is categorically false. Dr. Bourla has been fully vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine,” Danehy said in a statement.

Dispatch editor and CEO Stephen Hayes amplified Dent’s article and noted that Robinson is “a frequent purveyor of bad information.”

“[She] tweeted yesterday that the CEO of Pfizer had to ‘cancel a planned trip to Israel because he was not fully vaccinated,’” Hayes wrote. “The Pfizer CEO was fully vaccinated in March.”

But even though Robinson’s tweet didn’t occur until months after the canceled trip, Bourla’s book confirms she was right: “The CEO had to cancel a planned trip to Israel because he was not fully vaccinated.” There’s nothing “misleading” about it. Robinson clearly did not forget how The Dispatch targeted her for reporting the truth and hinted in her recent Substack that she plans to take legal action.

“Did The Dispatch receive any funding from Big Pharma or its affiliates? Or from the federal government’s HHS to push the COVID vaccines? My attorneys will be asking them such questions very soon,” Robinson warned.

The Dispatch has a longstanding partnership with Big Tech to suppress and censor conservative voices. During the 2020 election cycle, The Dispatch colluded with Facebook to block two advertisements from the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, which detailed then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’s support of abortion on demand up until the moment of birth. The Dispatch rated the ads “partly false” because they said Biden has not explicitly stated that he supports late-term abortions, even though he has repeatedly said he wants no restrictions on “a woman’s right” to choose.

After The Federalist published an article detailing the censorship, the Dispatch claimed that even though its main Twitter account retweeted the article, it was accidentally published in “draft form” by the editorial staff.

“The fact-check was published in error and in draft form, before it had been through final edits and our own internal fact-checking process,” Hayes wrote. “As a result, the viral post was assigned a ‘partly false’ rating that we have determined is not justified after completing The Dispatch fact-checking process.”

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