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10 Ways The Pro-Abortion Left Proves It Isn’t Pro-Choice Or Pro-Women

Elizabeth Warren talks shutting down crisis pregnancy centers
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The left is exploiting rape victims and lying to women about the dangers of abortion simply to win their political war.


The left is feeding a false narrative to women: While they boast of championing a right to choose, what they really do to women is hide facts, promote dangerous procedures, and divorce them from the best resources — all in the name of abortion.

The left crucifies pro-life pregnancy centers for hoodwinking women into keeping their babies and tells them they are making an informed choice if they abort their children. But is consent really informed if the information is based on lies?

Not so much. The left sweeps informed consent under the carpet, diverting women’s attention away from the brutal realities of abortion and hiding from them the risks abortion poses to their own bodies. Nail it down with a few well-placed jabs at conservatives for trying to take away female autonomy, and boom — the case for abortion seems to be airtight.

Not so fast. Here are 10 proofs that the left is not pro-choice, just pro-abortion.

1. The Left Wants Government to Shut Down Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

The radical left, typified by the likes of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is so eager to promote a woman’s so-called choice that they want to bar her from all other options — to the point of wanting the government to shut down pregnancy centers. The left doesn’t want to give women the choice even to go to a crisis pregnancy center, because when most Americans have all the facts in front of them, they no longer buy into the abortion agenda.

“We need to shut them down all around the country,” Warren said. “You should not be able to torture a pregnant person like that.”

Torture? It’s a bold term considering 99 percent of women who visit pro-life pregnancy centers report they had a good experience upon leaving.

2. The Left Frames Support for Women as an Anti-Choice Campaign

When the Catholic Diocese of Belleville in Illinois recently decided to sell the historic home that has housed its bishops for years to donate the proceeds to a maternity fund, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch framed the sale as pro-lifers opposing women’s rights, saying right in its headline that the diocese would “use cash for anti-abortion battle.”

It was the reversal of Roe v. Wade, the Dispatch reported, “that pushed the diocese to devote the money to its anti-abortion pregnancy crisis centers.”

Because the left frames abortion as a “women’s right,” deploying terms like “anti-abortion” is the media’s way of framing the fight against abortion as anti-women. It isn’t until several more paragraphs down that the article admits, “the proceeds will be used to help pregnant women.”

Not to mention, the Illinois bishop’s press release said nothing about the money going to a crisis pregnancy center. It said the cash would go to a maternity fund and to Catholic education and youth programs.

3. The Left Ignores Violent Crimes Against Women’s Centers

While its own services are tailored mainly to abortion, the left condones torching and vandalizing pro-life pregnancy centers that attract women with their counseling, baby clothes, parenting classes, and sexual risk awareness programs rather than abortions. If the government won’t target crisis pregnancy centers, then leftist radicals will — all under the cover of a corporate media that won’t report on the criminals.

4. The Left Pushes Wrong-Sex Hormones

Planned Parenthood, the mother of abortion facilities, also pushes wrong-sex hormones for people who identify as transgender. That makes two services the so-called “pro-woman” and “pro-choice” left embrace that have nothing to do with health care and everything to do with brainwashing people into damaging their own bodies — or another one inside of them.

5. The Left Calls Losing a Baby an Abortion

The left is wrongly calling the treatment of ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages abortions. According to certified OB-GYNs, treating ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages has nothing to do with performing abortions. Abortion is an elective choice to kill an unborn child. Treatment for ectopic pregnancy and miscarriages do not constitute abortion because the intent is to save lives, not take them. Misleading women by wrongly labeling pro-life medical care “abortion” isn’t promoting “choice.” It’s just nakedly pro-abortion.

6. The Left Exploits Rape Victims

For weeks, the story of a 10-year-old girl who allegedly traveled across state lines to get an abortion entranced the corporate media. President Joe Biden even repeated the story.

However, what no one on the left seemed to care about was that in order for a 10-year-old to have become pregnant, she had to have been raped. But forget that. Forget real health care such as trauma counseling or protection against further assault. And forget even basic journalistic instincts such as wondering why no police report could be found, or human instincts such as pushing for finding and arresting the perpetrator. All the media and left-wing activists seemed to care about was the abortion tidbit they could exploit.

7. The Left Lies About Chemical Abortion Dangers

With some states making obtaining abortions more difficult, the left is pushing for them at home. They’re busy advertising the chemical abortion pill as a safe, easy alternative. The problem? The chemical abortion pill is responsible for raising abortion-related emergency room visits 500 percent in a 13-year period.

8. The Left Claims Abortion Saves Lives

The left is propagating the idea that women with life-threatening pregnancy complications will die unless they get an abortion, but the facts say otherwise. As pro-life OB-GYNs have attested, it is never necessary to perform an abortion to save a mother’s life. Ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages are not abortions. By reducing the issue to a life-or-death decision for mothers, the left automatically divorces women from the other options to save both themselves and their babies.

9. The Left Is Pro-Politics Above All

In the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to discuss post-Roe America, UC Berkeley law professor Khiara Bridges said that assuming only women can be pregnant is “transphobic.” By flipping the subject on its head, Bridges showed the left is less concerned about women and more concerned about using abortion as a vehicle to promote transgenderism.

10. The Left Lies that Abortion Is Harmless

The left treats abortion like it has no consequences. What they leave out is that studies show the rate of suicide for women who have abortions is about double compared to those who gave birth, and that women who have abortions are associated with higher risks of mental illness than women who don’t. Women who have abortions also appear to be more at risk for breast cancer than those who do not. This is to say nothing of the grief, guilt, and trauma many women feel after losing their child by their own hand.

None of this matters though when the goal isn’t pro-choice or pro-women, but pro-abortion.

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