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Poll: More Than Half Of Dems Want The ‘Fundamentally Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ Supreme Court Abolished

The Supreme Court of the United States
Image CreditAdam Szuscik/Unsplash

Democrat voters’ opinions on how the Supreme Court should function — or whether it should function at all — reflect the increasingly radicalized nature of the left following one of the court’s most controversial terms and the overturning of Roe v. Wade. A new poll by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute of 1,025 likely voters between July 6-7 aimed to gauge American sentiment about the Supreme Court, and the results are alarming.

When asked whether the Supreme Court is a “fundamentally racist institution,” 56 percent of Democrats agreed, with 67 percent of Democrats saying they think the court is a “fundamentally sexist institution.”

More than half of Democrats, 53 percent, say they want to “abolish the current Supreme Court and establish a new, democratically elected Supreme Court with justices chosen by the American people directly.”

A whopping 39 percent of Democrats and 48 percent of younger voters (age 19-39) support empowering an international group that infamously gave China a seat on its Human Rights Council to overturn our court’s decisions. Those respondents said they would strongly or somewhat favor a constitutional amendment “that would give the United Nations the authority to reverse U.S. Supreme Court decisions that U.N. members believe violate human rights.” Meanwhile, only 33 percent of Democrats say they have a “very” or “somewhat favorable” view of the Supreme Court.

Even before the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, Americans’ confidence in the high court had reached a record low, with the latest Gallup poll showing the figure at a mere 25 percent.

The court’s consequential decisions this term — which reaffirmed the Second Amendment, protected unborn life, and curtailed the power of the administrative state, to name a few — paired with Democrats’ desire to delegitimize the court could carry electoral implications in the coming midterms.