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Merrick Garland’s Version Of Justice For All Doesn’t Include His Political Enemies

Despite the group’s ominous pledge to take ‘increasingly drastic measures’ against pro-lifers, Attorney General Merrick Garland is silent.


mysterious anarchist-connected group called Jane’s Revenge, which has taken credit for the recent destruction of several pregnancy centers across the United States, released a statement last week announcing further acts of violence planned against people who believe babies in the womb deserve to live. Despite the group’s ominous pledge to attack and take “increasingly drastic measures” against pro-lifers, Attorney General Merrick Garland is remarkably silent.

Jane’s Revenge has claimed responsibility for more than a dozen firebombings and acts of vandalism at pregnancy centers, pro-life organization buildings, and churches around the nation since an unnamed source leaked a premature version of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson opinion, crimes that the FBI just announced they plan to investigate. Garland faces calls for his resignation after refusing to utter a peep of criticism about the prolific, widespread assaults on pro-life Americans and their property.

It’s terrible to think that the man sworn to “upholding the rule of law, keeping our country safe, and protecting the civil rights of all Americans” is failing hundreds of thousands of people who have been openly threatened by political violence.

If anything, the man in charge of oversight of asymmetric justice in the United States isn’t delivering on his promise to be a lawyer for “the people of the United States.” Despite being labeled a “moderate,” “centrist,” and “neutral judge” by the corporate media, Garland is a partisan who repeatedly exploits his power at the DOJ to benefit the Biden administration’s political agenda.

That’s why the DOJ dropped its cases against the rioters who ravaged Portland for 100 consecutive days. That’s why Russia collusion hoaxer Susan Hennessey was still allowed to work in the DOJ’s National Security Division with potential access to the Durham inquiry despite publicly criticizing it.

That’s why the DOJ refused to investigate deadly nursing home policies in several blue states. That’s why Garland led the Biden administration’s charge to sue Texas over its pro-life law that essentially banned abortion in the Lone Star state. That’s why Garland colluded with the National School Boards Association to smear concerned parents as domestic terrorists and shield corrupt school boards but refused to investigate corporate media-inspired death threats against certain school board members.

While violent leftists calls for an “open season” on pro-lifers, the Supreme Court, and the court’s justices such as Brett Kavanaugh, Garland is focused on targeting the Biden administration’s political enemies. Just last week, Garland bragged about watching Democrats’ Jan. 6 show-trial hearings and reassured the corrupt corporate media that his prosecutors were doing the same.

When the Dobbs decision draft was leaked in May, Garland turned a blind eye to calls for violence, destruction, and death. It took until a man attempted to assassinate Kavanaugh, one of Garland’s former colleagues, earlier this month over the court’s imminent ruling for the DOJ to respond to Republican Sen. Marco Rubio’s questions about whether the agency planned to prosecute anyone touting the “ongoing, coordinated campaign of intimidation against the majority of the justices on the Supreme Court.”

Garland also issued a statement condemning the violence, but so far his promises to devote his agency’s resources to addressing “threats of violence and actual violence” have turned out to be moot. Garland’s lack of urgency on literal life and death matters is a strong contrast to how he acted when he said school board members’ lives were in danger because parents wanted to speak at meetings. That’s no accident.

Garland has become a pro at weaponizing the DOJ against the American citizens he is supposed to protect. Garland hasn’t just abandoned his post at a time when he needs to act, he has repeatedly sacrificed justice in favor of partisanship.

That isn’t just dereliction of duty, it’s full-blown enablement of the political violence Garland claims to be against. It’s wrong, it’s not just, and Garland deserves to lose his job over it.