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Megyn Kelly Torches Former Employer Fox News Over ‘Dangerous’ Segment Celebrating Child Mutilation

Megyn Kelly on Newsmax
Image CreditGrabien screengrab

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly criticized her former employer for promoting “dangerous” propaganda about “abusive” sex experiments on children. In a Tuesday appearance on Newsmax, the host of “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Sirius XM also criticized the network for “hiding facts from parents” about the irreversible damages chemical castration and other radical procedures have on undeveloped minors and she is absolutely right to be outraged.

In an “America’s Newsroom” segment heavily criticized by viewers on Friday after it aired, Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas praised California couple Jeff and Hillary Whittington for showing “extraordinary courage” after spending nearly a decade coaxing their 14-year-old daughter into believing that she is a boy.

“There is room for reporting on how to identify what’s real,” Kelly said.

“The problem is the Fox News Channel mission is not to do reports that sound like MSNBC, right? The Fox News Channel mission is to make sure that they include the context that gets ignored by all the other stations and in 2022, in particular, we know that there’s a lot more to this story,” she continued. “It is irresponsible to put it on the air like this as a celebration without flagging for the parents out there, who are going through this, the significant downsides of jumping onto this without making sure you’re in that very, very small percentage of cases where gender dysphoria might actually be a thing.”

As Kelly noted, “the stats show that 70 percent of those kids will grow out of it, if left alone, if you don’t interfere.”

This statistic didn’t make the report, which instead included junk science studies from LGBT organizations about transgender suicide rates, and invoked emotional lines like “I’d rather have a living son than a dead daughter” to promote anti-biology ideology.

Despite insistence from corporate media and the White House that pushing minors towards radical procedures can be life-saving, a new report from The Heritage Foundation found that pumping puberty blockers and other hormones into kids’ bodies, especially without parental consent, actually likely increases suicide rates.

That’s on top of all of the other repercussions, including “sexual dysfunction, infertility, cardiac event[,] endometrial cancer,” permanent sterility, and transition regret.

“To not flag the significant downsides of what happens to these kids when they’re put on puberty blockers, when they’re put on cross gender hormones … is irresponsible to [Fox’s] mission,” Kelly said. “I don’t expect any of the mainstream press to do it. I really don’t. Although they should. In 2022 we know enough that they should. But I am surprised to see Fox News not doing that.”

“More and more tolerance is being exploited to the point of abuse of the child and by extension,” Kelly concluded, “the parent.”