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Corrupt Media Suddenly Covers Michael Sussmann’s Acquittal After Ignoring His Criminal Trial For Weeks

NBC on Michael Sussmann: “Clinton Lawyer Cleared”
Image CreditNBC/YouTube

After largely ignoring charges against Michael Sussmann, which alleged that the former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer lied to the FBI, the corrupt corporate media finally decided to cover the trial results when they realized Sussmann would walk away with an acquittal.

The Sussmann trial first began in mid-May as Special Counsel John Durham’s probe into the Russia collusion hoax picked up steam. The same media outlets that peddled the Clinton campaign’s Russia lies, however, deliberately ignored Sussmann’s role.

ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, and MSNBC stayed completely silent on the matter despite their history of obsessing over the debunked Steele dossier.

CNN briefly mentioned the trial but spent less than 10 minutes of coverage on it over the course of five days. As Fox News noted, “none of CNN’s coverage has come during primetime” when CNN sees a significant spike in viewership.

Even Tesla CEO and Twitter takeover hopeful Elon Musk noticed the media’s absence as key information about the Clinton campaign’s role in targeting Donald Trump’s presidential run became even more clear than before.

“Why is @abcnews ignoring this story?” he tweeted.

Now that a D.C.-based jury and judge with connections to Sussmann and the Clintons have let the Democrat off the hook, the same corporate media mouthpieces who were predictably quiet when the trial began have spoken up about why they think the decision to acquit was the right one.

“Sussmann not guilty,” Harry Litman, a legal affairs columnist for the Los Angeles Times and former Department of Justice official, tweeted. “Extremely fast verdict. more or less total humiliation for Durham. Jury presumably recognized the picayune pettiness of the case.”

Many of them used the verdict to claim the Durham investigation is a Trump-orchestrated failure and downplay their own roles in peddling the Russia collusion hoax.

After Sussmann was found not guilty, one Washington Post opinion column labeled the trial “A clever effort to try to de-Putinize Trump.”

Despite the media’s attempts to retroactively paint Sussmann’s trial as a nothingburger, Durham’s criminal charges against the lawyer provided the public with crucial evidence proving Clinton’s interference in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

As Federalist Senior Legal Correspondent Margot Cleveland wrote in her analysis of the trial, “United States v. Sussmann exposed that Hillary Clinton holds full responsibility for the Russia collusion hoax.”