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Don’t Be Gaslighted About How Insane The Kavanaugh Hearings Were Even Before Blasey Ford Accusations

Cory Booker grilling Brett Kavanaugh during confirmation hearings
Image CreditPBS Newshour/YouTube

Democrats are hoping the American people, like Judge Jackson, were not paying attention during the Kavanaugh hearings.


The left, from dark-money groups to Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats to the media, have been trying to peddle the absurd notion — to quote a Washington Post editorial headline — that “Republicans boast they have not pulled a Kavanaugh. In fact, they’ve treated Jackson worse.” The Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Richard Durbin, wore his poker face during the hearings as he lamented the supposed personal attacks on the nominee and her family.

Please. The hearings that we watched showed Republicans asking questions about Jackson’s record as an attorney and judge. How dare they! Actual personal comments they made about Jackson and her family were kind and gracious.

Senate Democrats are hoping the American people, like Judge Jackson, were not paying attention during the Kavanaugh hearings or thought the chaos surrounding his confirmation was only a reaction to the salacious charges brought against him late in the nomination process. Here is a list of 15 spectacles during the Kavanaugh nomination that happened before the Blasey Ford allegations became public and that were nowhere to be seen during the Jackson nomination:

1. Supporters of Kavanaugh being called “complicit in evil” by Sen. Cory Booker soon after he was nominated.

2. ProPublica trying to concoct a “scandal” about Kavanaugh’s baseball tickets with a far-ranging search for information about his habits at baseball games.

3. Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca saying during a “Rise Up for Roe speaking tour that “textualist originalist” is just code for “white supremacist patriarchy.” That might be news to Judge Jackson, who described her own approach to legal interpretation in terms of text and original meaning.

4. The press sending public information requests to the town of Chevy Chase, where Kavanaugh’s wife Ashley worked, seeking her emails on the Chevy Chase township board.

5. Democratic senators actually refusing to meet with Kavanaugh until over a month after his nomination was announced. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell met with Jackson less than a week after she was nominated.

6. Then Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claiming that keeping any documents from Kavanaugh’s time working at the White House confidential for only Judiciary Committee members viewing them was “bogus.” Democrats this time around refused to even seek documents from Jackson’s time serving on the U.S. Sentencing Commission, let alone to delay the process to allow their production.

7. Protesters conveying their extreme disrespect for the nominee by dressing like handmaids in red gowns and white bonnets — and others including a man dressed as a giant condom who were no better.

8. Interruptions — by senators themselves — from the moment the hearing opened as part of an orchestrated plan to delegitimize the hearings, starting with Sen. Kamala Harris. It took nearly an hour and a half for Chairman Chuck Grassley to finish his ten-minute statement. By the first lunch break, there had been 63 interruptions. Sen. Durbin’s ten-minute opening remarks took a whopping ten minutes, with zero interruptions.

9. Protesters funded by Planned Parenthood and other dark-money groups standing up and shouting and getting dragged out by police every few minutes, with arrests totaling over 200 by the end.

10. An online furor accusing former White House staffer Zina Bash of trying to transmit a “white power” symbol when her hand appeared to make the “OK” sign.

11. Sen. Patrick Leahy accusing Kavanaugh of perjury by performing ridiculous linguistic gymnastics.

12. Harris kicking off her presidential campaign by trying to trap Kavanaugh with Perry Mason–like questions about whether he had discussions with employees of Kasowitz, Benson, and Torres. Whatever she thought she was driving at, her questions were barely intelligible, and it turned out there was no there, there.

13. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse holding up signs touting his conspiracy theories about conservative groups and trying to probe any connection between Kavanaugh and the Federalist Society, which fell flat given the fact that every sitting Supreme Court justice, and even Senator Whitehouse himself, had at some point spoken at Federalist Society events.

14. Sen. Booker’s stunt trying to break rules to leak confidential documents that would make him a martyr to (as it turned out) non-existent Republican pushback on his disclosure requests. Booker compared himself to Spartacus, and the materials he released simply showed Kavanaugh giving reasonable advice in support of positions Booker himself believed in.

15. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noting that the nomination process was “a highly partisan show” and that we should go back to how things were.

And all of that was before the circus of defamatory sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, much as the Left would like the country to forget.