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Nike And YMCA Team Up With OnlyFans Prostitute To Teach Kids Explicit Dancing

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Image Creditjovan barretto/Pexels

One of the organizations sponsoring the sexualized dance instruction for children is in charge of child care for the local public school district.


Nike, an OnlyFans creator, the Burbank, California YMCA, and an LGBT activist group teamed up to teach children a style of dance called “vogue,” which is popular in LGBT circles and frequently features sexually explicit acts.

The Burbank Social Impact Center, a subdivision of the Burbank YMCA, hosted an event with a performer and OnlyFans creator who goes by the name “Honey Balenciaga.” The event, which was called “Intro to Vogue,” was sponsored by Nike and attended by a number of children.

Balenciaga’s Instagram and Tik Tok accounts are replete with highly sexual performances, including some with partial nudity. Some performances bear sexually explicit captions like “P*ssy Personified,” and others that are far more grotesque.

The performer also has an account on OnlyFans, a pornographic site that allows users to share explicit photos and videos with paid subscribers. The platform specifically advertised Balenciaga’s profile with a short video that was posted to both Twitter and YouTube

A now deleted Instagram post that was reported by shows that Balenciaga intended to use the pornography site to teach vogue, the same dance style he taught to children at the Nike-sponsored event.

Balenciaga said his profile was “about to have mad photos and content,” and that he “will be teaching how to vogue on there as well and doing many, many other things on OnlyFans.” Balenciaga also said that he might post “a lil something for the freaks,” on the pornography site because “you know I’m a freak.”

The Burbank YMCA’s Social Impact Center is set to hold another Intro to Vogue lesson, which Balenciaga advertised on his Instagram account as intended for “LGBTQIA+ Middle and High Schoolers.” The post also notes that free transportation from a local high school to the class will be provided by Nike.

In addition to providing free transportation, Nike is even encouraging children to attend the lesson with Balenciaga by offering a free pair of shoes to those who register for the event.

The event is also being sponsored by GLSEN, a leftwing advocacy group that claims to have been “championing LGBTQ issues in K-12 education since 1990.” GLSEN, which opposes a Florida law that prevents young school children from being indoctrinated with leftwing beliefs about sex, has posted several videos of the first Intro to Vogue class on Instagram

Even more striking, the Burbank YMCA, one of the organizations that is hosting this event, is in charge of child care on behalf of the Burbank Unified School District. Since it was chosen as the site of the childcare center, the YMCA has made a concerted effort to advance transgenderism and leftwing perversions of gender.

The Burbank YMCA’s Social Impact Center has also hosted sex offender story hour and has even collected and given out breast binders, which suppress young women’s breasts.

As evidenced by their Instagram account, the Social Impact Center has been promoting itself at local middle schools, including John Muir Middle School in Burbank.

The Federalist previously revealed that the Burbank YMCA’s Social Impact Center had hosted all-ages events with Blake Rodriguez, a self proclaimed artist who specializes in highly sexualized, even pornographic depictions of popular characters from children’s TV shows.

Honey Balenciaga could not be reached for comment. Nike, the Burbank YMCA’s Social Impact Center, and GLSEN did not respond to a request for comment.