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SCOOP: California YMCA Hosts Pornographer To Teach Children Art, Holds ‘Youth Only’ Events

An LGBT Resource Center associated with Burbank’s YMCA recently hosted a pornographic artist at an event for children, and now hosts ‘youth only’ events.


This article features explicit material unsuitable for all readers.

On July 20th, the Burbank, California YMCA’s Social Impact Center, which also hosts “youth only” events, hosted an all-ages event called “Pop Art,” where Blake Rodriguez, whose work features pornographic depictions of characters from popular children’s shows, delivered a “painting workshop.”

The Social Impact Center, which touts itself as “Burbank’s first and only LGBTQIA+ Resource Center, posted an advertisement for the event and directly tagged Rodriguez’s art account @blakerodart, which prominently displays a number of deeply disturbing images, including a painting titled “Disney Orgy” that features various Disney characters engaged in group sex. 

One piece of Rodriguez’s work depicted characters from the children’s show “Teletubbies” viewing pixelated pornography. Another painting featured a young boy holding a condom and the words “Fuck Boy” above him. 


All of these disturbing images, as well as many more that also depict nude characters from children’s shows, some of them engaging in sexual acts, were posted before the Social Impact Center tagged his art account and organized this event, indicating the YMCA was completely aware of the type of “art” Rodriguez specializes in before deciding to host him for an event with children. 

In fact, an article from the local newspaper My Burbank even noted that Rodriguez’s artwork “adorned the center’s newly decorated walls.”

As evidenced by his personal Instagram, Blake Rodriguez is in a relationship with the Social Impact Center’s Director of Marketing and Social Responsibility, Robert Rodriguez, who has also publicly posted sexual material that indicates he should not be leading an organization that, according to its website, exists for all ages but focuses “primarily on middle school and high school youth.” 

Robert Rodriguez, who uses the pronoun “they” and dresses in drag, according to his Instagram profile, has posted explicit pictures of himself, including one showing his buttocks with the graphic caption “Si tu novio no te mama el culo Pa’ eso que no mame,” which roughly translates to “If your boyfriend doesn’t suck your [obscene] he shouldn’t suck you at all.” Robert Rodriguez has since edited the caption, which now features a lone emoji. 

This YMCA also hosts Drag Queen Story Hour events. DQSH was originally funded by wealthy interests from the Bay Area. It has since been hosted by a man charged with seven counts of child pornography possession and has brought convicted sex criminals into close proximity with children on three currently known occasions.

The Burbank YMCA’s Social Impact Center appears to enjoy significant support from powerful businesses and interests in the area, with three Burbank City Council members attending the Center’s ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted in June 2021. Nickelodeon, Ikea, and Warner Brothers have donated furniture to the center.

Now, an unnamed City Council member is coming to the Social Impact Center for an event titled “Burbank Listens,” which the organization’s calendar notes in bright red text is “For Youth Only!”

There is reason to be concerned that an organization that invites artists who paint pornographic images of children’s characters and drag queen readings is also holding events that are “For Youth Only!” Unfortunately, fears about the left’s interaction with children is warranted, due to the consistent and frightening trend of those on the left actively working to normalize pedophilia

Blake Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez, and the Burbank YMCA’s Social Impact Center could not be reached for comment.