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Propaganda Press Wield Biden’s Russia Blame Game To Gaslight Americans About Expensive Gas

Biden played an explicit role in limiting the U.S. oil industry but the corrupt media are conveniently ignoring his track record.


The propaganda press is wielding the Biden administration’s excuses about Russia to gaslight Americans about skyrocketing prices at the gas pump.

Despite the fact that domestic gas prices rose dramatically well before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden and his team refuse to take responsibility for rising costs at gas stations. When the price of gas shot up nearly 50 cents more per gallon this week, the White House scrambled to set a narrative that once again exonerated the Biden administration from a self-inflicted crisis that could hurt Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

“It’s going to go up,” Biden claimed on Tuesday shortly after he halted Russian oil imports to punish Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine. “Can’t do much right now. Russia is responsible.” 

“Putin’s war is already hurting Americans at the gas pump,” Biden added in a press conference. “Since Putin began his military buildup on Ukrainian borders … the price at the gas pump in America went up 75 cents. … I’m going to do everything I can to minimize Putin’s price hike here at home.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also lied about the effects Biden’s poor energy policy has had on Americans, blaming the Russian-Ukraine conflict for rising gas prices. “The increase,” she said, “is a direct result of the invasion of Ukraine.”

One day later, the corrupt media predictably latched onto this convenient narrative in their own coverage of the record-high gasoline price spike.

“‘Putin’s price hike’ will be borne by American consumers,” ABC News tweeted, echoing the Biden administration’s talking points.

Outlets such as CNN smeared Republicans for pointing out Biden’s obvious role in exacerbating the country’s energy troubles and making Americans pay for his ignorance.

“[Republicans] largely ignored the global factors left over from the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine that are weighing on gasoline costs,” CNN claimed. “And they accused Biden of leaving Americans vulnerable to energy shocks overseas by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada when he first took office. They claimed he doomed Americans to high gasoline prices by pausing oil and gas leases on public lands and by suspending oil leases in Arctic refuges to fight climate change.”

Politico claimed that “they have also used the topic to criticize Biden for limiting domestic oil and gas production that they argue can fill the gap created by a Russian import ban.”

Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell also recently accused the GOP of “laying a trap for Biden on Russian energy sanctions.”

MSNBC and NBC also jumped at the opportunity to pile on Republicans instead of indicting Biden for his policy failures.

“Republicans cheer Russian oil ban and jeer Biden for rising gas prices,” NBC reporters Sahil Kapur and Scott Wong wrote.

The truth is, Biden has played an explicit role in limiting the U.S. oil industry but the corrupt media are conveniently ignoring his track record when they cover rising prices at the pump.

On his first day in office, Biden nuked the Keystone XL pipeline because it threatened his green energy agenda. Over the last year, the president has also canceled Arctic drilling leases, rained down taxes and regulation on domestic production, and publicly declared war on oil and gas.

Instead of turning to domestic production to fill the hole left by Russian imports, Biden is considering buying oil from other corrupt pro-Moscow regimes.

CNN, ABC, The Washington Post, and other corporate media outlets aren’t mentioning the president’s anti-oil agenda in their coverage of expensive gas. Instead, most of them are refusing to mention him at all but they are happy to use the White House’s talking points.

Since before Biden assumed office, corrupt outlets have tried to absolve him of any blame for crises he created. The drastic jump in gas prices after Biden waged a war on oil and gas, unfortunately, is no exception.