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When It Comes To Oil, Biden Never Planned To Put America First

If Biden cared about putting America first, he would encourage domestic oil production and lift his restrictions on the oil and gas industry.


President Joe Biden stood up in front of the nation last Tuesday evening and claimed he wanted to prioritize buying products “made in America.”

“Folks, when we use taxpayers’ dollars to rebuild America, we’re going to do it by buying American. Buy American products. Support American jobs,” Biden told Congress last week.

The Democrat rambled to the nation about the importance of making sure “taxpayers’ dollars support American jobs and businesses” and even took a shot at the Trump administration in the process.

“Every administration — Democrat and Republican — says they’ll do it, but we’re actually doing it,” Biden boasted.

Biden can lie about prioritizing U.S. products all he wants, but if the last two weeks have taught us anything it’s that the current administration never actually planned to put America first.

One week after his whopper-riddled speech, Biden announced he would cut off oil imports from Russia as punishment for invading Ukraine. But instead of directing U.S. oil and gas companies to ramp up production, the Biden administration began to orchestrate deals with oil-rich Moscow allies and American enemies such as Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia to compensate for the Russian crude imports, which doubled last year.

Already, the White House sent a delegation to Trump-sanctioned Venezuela to discuss pumping the nation’s state oil into the United States, and as President Nicolás Maduro said, “for the stability of the world.” Venezuela produces 500 percent more methane than U.S. producers, but Biden, who justified his war on U.S. oil by claiming he wanted to prioritize green energy, seems to have turned a blind eye to that fact and appears to be willing to strike a deal anyway. The White House also seems unbothered that just a couple of years ago, the United States tried to overthrow the Maduro regime but is now hoping it will sell Americans oil.

Biden is also considering a trip to Saudi Arabia to negotiate and possibly stimulate more oil production that could be exported globally. As Axios noted, “Biden has chastised Saudi Arabia, and the CIA believes its de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was involved in the dismemberment of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi” but now he seems willing to orchestrate a bargain.

While most of the West was quick to denounce Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine, countries such as Venezuela and Iran have both boosted their relationships and support for the disgraced nation in the last couple of weeks. Even over the last year, Russia, communist China, and Iran have all signaled their willingness to team up and exploit the Iran deal against the United States. The Biden administration previously sought Moscow’s assistance in reviving the Iran nuclear deal, and despite the war in Ukraine, Moscow is still involved in those negotiations that could yield more foreign oil imports to the United States.

Under former President Donald Trump, the United States moved to ditch dealing with corrupt governments for oil and achieved energy independence. But when Biden assumed office, he sabotaged the U.S. oil and gas industry, hoping to replace it with his green energy policy agenda.

The president used his first year in office to choke domestic oil and gas production. He suspended oil and gas leases on public lands, nuked projects such as the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office, canceled Arctic drilling leases, and rained down taxes and regulation on the energy industry.

As a result, domestic gas prices rose dramatically well before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but Biden refuses to take responsibility. Shortly after he announced Russian oil would no longer be imported into the United States, the president denied cutting off domestic oil production to boost his green energy agenda.

“It’s simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production. That is simply not true,” Biden insisted.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also lied about the effects Biden’s poor energy policy has had on Americans, blaming the Russian-Ukraine conflict for rising gas prices. “The increase,” she said, “is a direct result of the invasion of Ukraine.” Psaki also claimed that “there was an anticipation” of rising prices.

The same Democrats and corporate media who decried Trump’s “America first” policy and smeared his “Made in America” campaign as a “hypocritical joke” tried to run interference to save Biden’s butt and spin his poor choices, but even their propaganda is falling short with voters.

If Biden cared about putting America and Americans first, he would encourage domestic oil production and lift his restrictions on the oil and gas industry. Instead, Biden and his administration are embracing the struggles caused by stifling American oil and gas production and risking his chances with Americans angry about rising gas prices to promote his green energy agenda.

“It should motivate us to accelerate a transition to clean energy. … Loosening environmental regulations … will not lower energy prices. … Transforming our economy to run on electric vehicles powered by clean energy … will help,” Biden said.

After all, nothing will fulfill Biden’s goal to create a “100 percent clean-energy economy” like forcing Americans to buy $7 a gallon of foreign gas until they can’t afford it any longer.