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American Propagandists At NBC Collude With Propagandists In Communist China To Promote Beijing Olympics

2022 Winter Olympics In Beijing
Image Credit YouTube/Photo

Woke propagandists at NBCUniversal are colluding with TikTok, owned by Communist China’s ByteDance, to promote the 2022 Winter Olympics.


Woke U.S. propagandists at NBCUniversal are colluding with TikTok, the popular social media app owned by Communist China’s ByteDance, to promote the 2022 Winter Olympics in scandal-ridden Beijing via advertising.

According to an announcement from the companies, TikTok has promised to boost NBC’s coverage of the Olympics while the network will direct its advertisers to create new content to share on the social media platform.

“This includes daily content across NBC TikTok handles, as well as a three-episode livestream show hosted by a yet-to-be-named TikTok creator,” TechCrunch reported.

TikTok claimed that the partnership will satisfy “our community’s appetite for sports-adjacent content” and give NBCUniversal a more prominent role in the app’s content creation during the games.

“While this partnership does present unique opportunities for NBCUniversal advertisers, it also includes a robust slate of content that NBC will share across its TikTok accounts, including daily posts showcasing everything from highlights to topical trends, and three livestreams hosted by a TikTok creator,” a TikTok spokesperson told TechCrunch. “The athletes’ stories and journeys are an integral part of NBC’s coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, so fans can expect to see them on TikTok across their handles.”

As a result, NBC is slated to rake in even more cash than the more than $1.2 billion it made from advertising during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Communist China’s role in hosting the 2022 Winter Games is already controversial due to the regime’s ongoing human rights violations, and NBC’s decision to join forces with TikTok only adds to the fray. While President Joe Biden promised a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics in protest of the CCP’s mistreatment of the Uyghurs, among other human rights violations, it’s clear that U.S.-controlled companies have no problems fraternizing with authoritarian enemies.

NBCUniversal previously bought exclusive TV and digital rights to all of the Olympic games through 2032, which means that the sole mouthpiece for the 2022 competition is the same company that is actively working with a China-funded company that has no problems censoring people and content for opposing the regime’s propaganda.

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee already penned a letter to NBCUniversal raising concerns about “the extent of influence the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) may have over NBCUniversal’s coverage of the games.”

“Given China’s history of censorship and government control, and the fact that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stands to benefit financially from NBCUniversal’s coverage of the games, we are concerned about the extent of influence the CCP may have over NBCUniversal’s coverage of the games,” the letter states.

While NBC previously claimed its coverage would include “geopolitical context” about Communist China and its long list of human rights abuses, the GOP members also questioned whether the IOC and CCP have tried to influence NBC to avoid mentioning the “reported human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang province.”

NBC’s willingness to work with a CCP-linked organization is nothing new. For years, NBC has gladly worked with China’s state-run media organizations to expand its international media presence. In 2010, NBC entered an agreement with Xinhua, which is run by the CCP and named by the U.S. State Department as a “foreign mission.” NBC has also struck deals with government-run tech companies in China and even sold NBCUniversal’s Oriental DreamWorks to a Beijing investment group that bows to the will of the CCP.

NBC has happily run interference for Communist China before and it will gladly do it again. For example, as multiple outlets have reported, China plans to use artificial snow for much of the Winter Games raising concerns about environmental impact.

While China racks up its greenhouse gases as the No. 1 producer of CO2 emissions in the world, NBCUniversal has pledged to go carbon neutral by 2035. NBC’s so-called commitment to “protecting the environment where we live and work so that we have a sustainable planet now and in the future,” however, doesn’t seem to be affected by China’s willingness to keep pumping out greenhouse gases.

As a matter of fact, while NBC has run plenty of stories drawing readers’ attention to what it calls the “climate crisis,” the media giant seems unfazed and unwilling to cover China’s green sins, especially when it comes to the Olympics. Time will tell if NBC grants accurate coverage to China’s human rights abuses as well.