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Biden’s Border Crisis Worsens As December Apprehensions Reach Nearly 179,000

Border Patrol, CBP apprends illegal aliens at Southern Border
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You won’t read about it in the corporate press, but President Joe Biden’s border crisis keeps getting worse — and keeps breaking records.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered a record-breaking 178,840 illegal aliens at the southern border in December, foreshadowing yet another year marred by the border crisis.

The next highest arrest total for December was recorded the year prior when CBP apprehended approximately 73,994 migrants. Before that, the highest number of December encounters occurred in fiscal year 2000, the first year CBP started tracking arrests by month, when CBP apprehended about 71,252 migrants at the southern border.

This pattern was also evident this past November when CBP arrested 174,744 people at the southern border, the highest total for that month since the more than 76,000 who were arrested in fiscal year 2000.

Of the nearly 179,000 migrants encountered this past December, at least 51,624 were family units. That’s 15 percent more unauthorized family units who made their way across the border in December than in November. Of the illegal families who crossed into the United States in December, only 19 percent were processed for expulsion under Title 42. This is significant because, under Biden, a majority of the family units apprehended for crossing the border illegally have been encouraged to work and remain in the United States while they await a decision in their asylum case, which can take multiple years.

Since last February, there have been more than 100,000 arrests at the southern U.S. border every month. It’s a phenomenon that was ushered in by President Joe Biden shortly after he was inaugurated in January 2020. Before he was elected, Biden spent months touting open border policies and promised he would unravel the border security protections enacted by former President Donald Trump. As a result, illegal border crossings drastically increased by tens of thousands shortly after Biden assumed office and have since reached historic highs.

Just three months into the 2022 fiscal year, the United States has already recorded nearly half a million southwest border encounters. So far, border apprehensions in the 2022 fiscal year are on track to exceed 2 million, which would blow away the 2021 fiscal year’s already record-breaking 1.7 million apprehensions.

Even though spring and summer typically usher in higher numbers of illegal crossings, the Biden administration has yet to address whether it plans to deal with the problem as numbers keep climbing.