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We Can’t Stop The Spread Of Omicron, So Stop Trying To Mandate It

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It’s past time for a return to normal since vaccine and mask mandates clearly don’t stop the spread of COVID-19 or new variants like omicron.


If the recent spread of the newly surfaced omicron variant has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t stop the spread of COVID-19 with vaccine mandates.

While progressive cities in the U.S. trip over each other to mandate vaccine passports for entry to restaurants, gyms, and stores, and the Biden administration claims its vaccine mandates are necessary to combat the pandemic, vaccinated people everywhere are contracting the omicron variant. Even the U.S. Supreme Court’s left-wing justices tried to defend COVID-19 vaccine mandates by falsely claiming that getting the jab prevents the spread of the virus, but the truth is, the vaccine isn’t preventing the spread of COVID.

Despite being “vaccinated” and “boosted,” Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently showed symptoms and tested positive for the virus. She is one of the hundreds of thousands of people, many of who have received the COVID jab, who fell ill with the virus in the last few weeks. As a result, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention recently admitted that COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are not stopping people from getting infected or infecting others.

“Our vaccines are working exceptionally well … but what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky previously said on CNN.

This concession by the CDC shows that vaccine mandates are not the answer to limiting COVID spread. As a matter of fact, there is no effective way to curb the virus. Omicron is here to stay.

On average, the U.S. is adding approximately 700,000 COVID cases a day as omicron rips through the country, sparing no one regardless of their vaccination status. These crazy case numbers skyrocketed even though many Americans concerned that they had the virus were unable to confirm their suspicions due to a testing crisis.

Multiple studies indicate that those infected with the omicron variant, including those who have received multiple COVID shots, usually only experience mild and minor symptoms if any at all. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that “now-preliminary data indicate a decreased severity with omicron.”

All of these developments have led people like Cory Zue, a Democrat blogger who explained why he did not get the COVID shot, to wonder: “So now we have an impossible-to-stop virus that looks a lot like the common cold. And we have a heavy-handed global mitigation strategy based on vaccination that does very little to stop it. Surely, I thought, we will now see that these policies, and especially vaccine mandates, do not make any logical sense? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

It’s a question that many are thinking but far too few are asking.

Shortly after South Africa was hit with a wave of omicron, dozens of countries banned travel from South Africa with hopes of stopping the variant from crossing borders. Health bureaucrats in the African country, however, noticed that hospitalizations with omicron were less frequent and most people were recovering from the virus without any significant problems. As a result, the South African health department scaled back its COVID-19 guidance and ruled the pandemic basically over. People were no longer asked to isolate or quarantine.

“The government acknowledged what is now obvious: this virus is here to stay, it’s not that bad anymore, and we need to live with it and get back to our lives,” Zue noted.

But after acknowledging that most people in the country had “developed some level of immunity” and “a number of people including children who are in contact with COVID-19 positive people, lose their income and valuable schooltime while staying at home without symptoms,” health officials walked back their guidance after a flurry of “media, stakeholders and public enquiries and comments.”

It’s apparent that COVID jabs aren’t stopping the virus, but that hasn’t stopped health bureaucrats from repeatedly forcing them on the public. Even when they do make minor concessions about the vaccines’ failings, most won’t admit what South Africa did just a couple of weeks ago.

Next, health bureaucrats in the U.S. will probably be tempted to demand N95 masking from everyone. Much like they have in the past, talking heads on CNN and MSNBC will claim that proper masking will be “our ticket out of this pandemic.”

But as Dr. Leana Wen recently noted, most masks are “little more than facial decorations” that don’t stop COVID-19 infection.

There’s no good way to stop the raging omicron variant. But why should we? People will get sick with COVID regardless of their vaccination status, but most of them will recover just fine. In the next few weeks, hundreds of thousands of Americans will have natural immunity against the virus. They should have the freedom to return to their jobs, schools, and lives without the threat of mandates that can’t protect them hanging over their heads.