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Fake Unifier-In-Chief Ends First Year In Office The Same Way He Began

Joe Biden Inauguration Speech

When he entered office, Biden promised to be a unifier. After what we’ve seen this year, it’s undeniable he’s only been a divider.


President Joe Biden is closing out his first year in office the same way he opened it: with a divisive message to two Americas under the guise of a crusade for unity because the messenger isn’t Donald Trump. After Biden wrote off a large portion of the nation as white supremacists at his inauguration, he’s writing off the unvaccinated as responsible for the pandemic.

On Thursday, the White House released a briefing with COVID response coordinator Jeff Zients thanking vaccinated Americans for having “done the right thing.”

“For the unvaccinated,” the White House said, “you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.”

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a message to scapegoat the unvaccinated as responsible for all the nation’s pandemic ills regardless of natural immunity, which 140 studies affirm is just as good, if not better than vaccine-given immunity.

Never mind that the idea that unvaccinated people are responsible for the continuation of the pandemic is based on a false premise. COVID-19 became an endemic virus long before the development of effective vaccines under the Trump administration, then spreading even among those who took the shots.

“Rapidly waning vaccine efficacy and COVID-19 surges in countries and regions with high vaccination rates – including Israel, the United KingdomSingapore, and now Europe, as well as high-vaccination U.S. states like Vermont – are evidence that vaccinated individuals can spread COVID-19 at rates comparable to the unvaccinated,” Drs. Harvey Risch, Robert Malone and Byram Bridle, three leading experts in epidemiology and immunology, reported last week for The Federalist. “Multiple studies have shown that viral load in vaccinated individuals with COVID-19 is the same as in the unvaccinated.”

In other words, the vaccinated are just as culpable for the pandemic as their unvaccinated neighbors, who have been tarred as disease-ridden parasites who warrant being ostracized in a two-tiered society. One doesn’t need to be a historian to understand that scapegoating the latter has never led to anything but dangerous consequences, and yet it’s become a central mission of the Democrat Party, with Biden leading the effort.

In January, Boston will ban unvaccinated people from indoor dining, nightlife, fitness, and entertainment. Los Angeles has already been enforcing similar rules for nearly a month, and Chicago will soon follow suit.

On Monday, congressional Democrats demanded that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) implement a vaccine mandate for air travel.

“On a flight now to Bay Area and it is one-hundred percent batty that the unvaccinated are allowed to fly,” wrote California Rep. Eric Swalwell the day before signing a letter to the CDC making his vaxx demands. “It’s unsafe in the cabin and we are transporting the virus.”

CNN’s Ana Navarro was more explicit in her contempt for the unvaccinated.

“Unless you have a LEGITIMATE medical reason,” she wrote on Twitter. “[I]f you’re not vaccinated, I don’t want to see you, talk to you, work w/you, socialize w/you or know you. It’s enough. Your ‘personal freedom’ is holding the rest of us hostage. It’s selfish and stupid.”

A genuine unifier in the White House would decry the overt hostility toward the unvaccinated that is driving the nation’s split into the COVID-caste system. He wouldn’t lead the charge with vindictive statements because his popularity has nosedived, and he needs someone to blame.

What, if anything, has the president done to unite the country over the past 12 months? Was it unifying for Biden to open his presidency by writing off half the nation as white supremacist at his inauguration? Was it unifying when the president signed pink slips for the thousands of workers connected to the Keystone Pipeline? Was it unifying when he mandated that universities allow men to compete in women’s sports or when he reinstated taxpayer funding for abortion? Was it unifying when he ignored a judge’s admonishment against witness intimidation in the politically sensitive trial of Derek Chauvin? Was it unifying when he vented about Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal in a case that was demonstrably political?

When he entered office, Biden promised to be a unifier. After what we’ve seen this year, it’s undeniable he’s only been a divider.