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SNL’s Weird Joe Rogan Spoof Exposes The Show For What It Is: A Tool Of Corporate Hacks

The real joke is that major corporate media outlets falsely accused Joe Rogan of treating himself with horse dewormer.


Like millions of people, I’m a fan of Joe Rogan, which is why I also know it’s pretty easy to make fun of him. If you’ve ever seen the comedian react to Bill Burr’s jokes at his expense, you know Rogan clearly agrees. And that’s a good thing—he’s easy to spoof because he’s completely authentic, which is why people like him.

“Saturday Night Live” is predictably out of the loop. Like the rest of our cultural arbiters, “SNL” has a willful ignorance of Rogan borne of contempt. It’s a contempt for people who think differently, itself borne of the sorting patterns Charles Murray identified in “Coming Apart.”

Their contempt for Rogan represents their contempt for his many, many listeners, who are willing to listen to evidence against the Official Narrative corporations like NBC Comcast are comfortable promoting.

Just last week, attempting to parody the Virginia gubernatorial election, the show used class as a punchline. The joke was simply that Glenn Youngkin’s voters care about education despite mostly being “People who didn’t go to college.” That was the punchline. They didn’t have to say anything else.

Watch “SNL’s” attempted spoof of Rogan from Saturday.

The real joke is that major corporate media outlets falsely accused Rogan of treating himself with horse dewormer. It’s an outright lie they cling to even in the face of obvious proof otherwise. That’s amazing fodder for mockery. Instead, “SNL” bought into the corporate lie. The joke is completely on them and they have no idea. It’s painful to watch.

From comedians and journalists, people whose jobs should involve challenging power, even if they’re attached to big corporations, this elite mindset is especially destructive and pathetic. But it’s also why Rogan is thriving, because the Old Guard’s failure is creating immense demand for a better product on Substack, Patreon, and YouTube.

But “SNL” and Comcast are not on the same page about Rogan because the writers are pathetically parroting corporate talking points handed down from on high. Some people are afraid to buck the narrative, sure. And more and more. But they’re basically all on the same page. The left and its cultural arbiters are fully in line with the corporate class.

The power brokers are a uniparty that shames dissent with outlandish charges of bigotry they wield to protect their wealth and influence. It’s incoherent because they refuse to engage with critics. It’s most often sincere because they’ve destroyed all constructs of reality and they have nothing to believe in but material comforts. And, ironically enough, it’s driving the public straight into the arms of more interesting people like Joe Rogan.