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Joe Biden’s Speech In Glasgow Was An Advertisement For Chinese Coal And Russian Gas

Biden Glasgow

Biden lectured the world on reducing emissions Monday at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, where 400 VIP private jets convened the globe’s elite.


President Joe Biden lectured the world on reducing emissions Monday at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, where 400 VIP private jets convened the globe’s elite.

“This is a decisive decade in which we can have an opportunity to prove ourselves,” Biden said, while gas-powered engines idled outside for guests. “That’s what COP26 is all about.”

Biden demanded the world dramatically reduce emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, which includes staving off a 1.5 degree Celsius rise in global temperatures. The planet has already warmed 1.1 degrees Celsius since the Little Ice Age century of the 1800s.

In order to meet the United States’s own emissions targets by 2030, Biden pledged passage of sweeping climate legislation that is struggling to garner enough votes on Capitol Hill.

“My Build Back Better framework will make historic investments in clean energy,” Biden said, in “the most significant investment to deal with the climate crisis that any advanced nation is made ever.”

The framework, released last week in a last-ditch attempt to arrive in Glasgow with something to show for U.S. commitment, pours billions into subsidies and tax credits for unreliable wind and solar. Both depend on imports, where solar panels are made cheap by way of coal and forced labor in China and wind turbines from India, where more than half of power comes similarly from coal.

Enhanced reliance on unreliables not only promises to wreck the reliability of the U.S. power grid, as experienced in California and Texas with rolling blackouts, but also places heightened significance on Chinese imports, as President Xi Jinping enjoys market dominance over rare earth minerals. Biden’s climate goals have been shy on domestic mining.

Europe, meanwhile, suggers an energy crisis over too much dependence on wind during a low-wind season as leaders meet to wish the wind blew harder. Europe thus imports much of its natural gas from Russia. Prior to the construction of the Nord Stream 2 carrying Russian gas into Germany (greenlit by the Biden administration after it canceled the U.S.-Canada Keystone Pipeline), the European Union already imported 41 percent of its natural gas from its adversarial neighbor.

The Biden energy agenda being promoted across the globe is a win-win-win for U.S. rivals overseas, where Russia fills the European gaps left by unreliable wind and solar while China dominates the supply chain for production without forfeiting its own use of fossil fuels. Neither the Chinese or Russian president was in attendance at Glasgow.

In fact, China has ordered its state-run energy companies “to increase coal supplies by all means” while its Communist Party declared “domestic oil and gas exploration will be intensified.” Eighty-five percent of China’s power comes from fossil fuels as it remains the world’s largest polluter with no intent of curbing its emissions.

Standing on the world stage, however, Biden pledged an aggressive reduction in greenhouse gases at immense cost, just days after pleading with oil producers to ramp up production. All while justifying his expensive agenda with hysteria claiming imminent manmade extinction of the human race, despite the Earth today existing as the safest planet in history thanks to development made possible by fossil fuels.