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50 ‘Back To Normal’ Things I Didn’t Wait For Permission From The COVID ‘Experts’ To Do, And Neither Should You

‘Within a year, I think we will be able to come back to normal life,’ the pharma executive said, as if we’ve been holding our breath for his permission to go on living.


Eighty weeks after the “experts” told America it would only take “two weeks to slow the spread,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla wants you to know that you can probably go back to living your life as normal in another 52 weeks, if you’re vaccinated.

“Within a year, I think we will be able to come back to normal life,” Bourla said on Sunday, as if the country has been holding its breath for his permission to go back to living. He was also sure to add the caveat, “I don’t think this means that we should be able to live our lives … without having vaccinations” like the one that has brought his company hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bourla was echoing a similar comment Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel made last week, that he “assumes” life will be back to normal “as of today, in a year.” Like many self-appointed experts, Bourla and Bancel clearly don’t realize that no one outside of their self-affirming echo chamber is listening to them.

Whether because they’re vaccinated or simply because they decided the risks of the coronavirus didn’t merit putting life on pause in the first place, most Americans are already “back to normal” — or trying to as best they can, under dragged-out mandates and closures from political powerbrokers who don’t follow their own rules.

I can easily list 50 normal-life things I’ve already done without waiting for the elusive permission of “experts” like Bourla. Their attempt to control your life shouldn’t stop you from doing activities like these, either.

  1. Graduate college, in person, without a mask
  2. Finish school in person
  3. Go out for drinks with friends after work
  4. Go to an apple harvest festival
  5. Attend a friend’s wedding (actually, four)
  6. Fly across the country for an aforementioned wedding
  7. Enjoy a potluck breakfast at church
  8. Watch a soccer game
  9. Go to a dance
  10. Shop an artisan market
  11. Take a road trip (or several)
  12. Attend bridal showers
  13. Go thrift shopping
  14. Take off my mask in an airport
  15. Throw a graduation party for someone
  16. Hit a farmer’s market (in three different states)
  17. Enjoy a concert
  18. Dance at the concert
  19. Ride a trolley
  20. Eat fried shrimp at a beachside bar
  21. Go to the gun range
  22. Celebrate at an office Christmas party
  23. Explore a new city
  24. Enjoy a bonfire
  25. Throw a charcuterie picnic (no prepackaged nonsense here)
  26. Watch a rocket launch
  27. Go to the beach
  28. Go to church in person without a mask
  29. Sing in church
  30. Take communion
  31. Shake hands
  32. Hug people
  33. Go to the movies
  34. Celebrate the holidays with family
  35. Meet strangers
  36. Meet strangers’ dogs
  37. Go to the pool
  38. Catch up with friends over coffee
  39. Spend quality time with elderly relatives
  40. Greet my neighbors
  41. Meet strangers’ babies who toddle over to me in public
  42. Ride the Metro
  43. Babysit
  44. Strike up conversations with people
  45. Watch a play (or two)
  46. Start a job
  47. Explore a museum
  48. Hike a mountain
  49. Listen to a street musician
  50. Eat inside at a restaurant

Those are just the first 50 things that pop into mind, not to mention the countless other things that are so unremarkably normal I didn’t even think to include them. If you’re like most of the country, you could check off many of these things and more.

Conversely, if you’re still holding out for permission from out-of-touch bullies like Bourla to go on living, don’t hold your breath. It’ll be the longest “two weeks” of your life.