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ACLU Rewrites Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote To Erase Women

The ACLU replaced RBG’s words about women with “person’s,” while removing “her” in favor of “their” and replacing “she” with “they.” 


The American Civil Liberties Union erased women this week when it tweeted an altered quote from the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, removing the words “women,” “her,” and “she” from the quotation. 

The group replaced “women” with “person’s,” while removing “her” in favor of “their” and replacing “she” with “they.” 

Just one year ago, the ACLU posted the real, unadulterated quote on their website before mangling Ginsburg’s words to ensure that it complies with the latest rendition of gender theory. 

This incident is one more example of the left’s overarching campaign to erase women by undermining and distorting our understanding of gender as a scientifically legitimate category of classification.

The same phenomenon is present in the world of sports where the denial of objective reality has led to male athletes competing against female athletes, even in fighting sports, which has, to absolutely no one’s surprise, not only given the male athletes an unfair advantage but has actively endangered female opponents.

The altered quote follows leftists like Rep. Cori Bush using the phrase “birthing persons,” and the pro-abortion organization NARAL defending her use of the term, saying that “it’s not just cis-gender women can get pregnant and give birth.” The Biden administration even erased women when it replaced “mothers” with “birthing people” in maternal health guidance.

The perspective of many on the left isn’t just that men can be women or that women can be men, a proposition that itself is self-evidently ludicrous, but that men can be pregnant. When biological reality is detached from womanhood and femininity, women are inescapably devalued for their unique capability to create life. Now, that ability is supposedly conferred to men and all “persons.”

After decades of attempting to brand themselves as defenders of women and women’s rights this erasure of women by powerful figures and institutions on the left proves that their support for women, to the extent that it was ever anything more than a shrewd political or rhetorical tactic to begin with, entirely evaporates when it proves to be an obstacle to woke gender theory.