The Arc Of Cultural Leftism Bends Towards Dystopia

The Arc Of Cultural Leftism Bends Towards Dystopia

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, author David Marcus joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his article “NYC is failing its homeless residents.”

“Part of the problem here is that we don’t know what the most effective form of outreach is, because I do think that there are people going out and saying to these people, ‘hey, you know there are shelters, here’s options,’ but it’s very difficult to compel people to go get help,” Marcus said.

Marcus and Jashinsky also broke down how the “Occupy Wall Street” movement shifted the culture of leftism.

“The left doesn’t want to celebrate Occupy Wall Street because that’s the lesson of it right? When you remove every element of order, this is what you get every time and we saw that at CHOP, we’ve seen it in Atlanta, we’ve seen it in D.C., and so they don’t want to talk about it and I can understand why,” Marcus said.

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